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World War III Approaching Again?

US President Trump ordered missile strike on Syria weeks ago based on presumptive “evidence” that Assad ordered chemical attack on his own citizens, including children.  I seriously doubt the credibility of the gas attack.  Why would Assad ordered biological attack on his citizens when ISIS is almost defeated and peace can finally be restored in Syria.  It is irrational.

Now North Korea and US are making headline news everyday with their exchange of threats of nuclear war and preemptive strike military actions.  The North Korea dictator is a demon-possessed, mentally unstable person who might order nuclear strike to any country he deems fit.

Folks, this is a repeat of Cold War and Cuba missile crisis.  However, things are somewhat different this time in continental US and around the world.  During the Cold War era, memory of World War II still lingered and people took the threat seriously by stockpiling water, food and building bomb shelters.  US government even mandated evacuation drills to the public: Duck and Cover.

Now people in US would bluff at such threat after 70 years of peace.  Most people do not believe that anything bad can happen to mainland US because of her military might and financial power.  “Who would dare to challenge the number 1 superpower in the world?”  Sadly, if we read history, all empires fell regardless of how mighty and glorious they once were.  Unite States is no different, especially when she has turned away from God Almighty.

For those of us living in Canada, we will be affected if US encounters any nuclear strike or EMP attack.  I am not a fear monger.  Knowing and preparing for possible disasters is what a prudent and wise man would do.  Simply storing some essential items and learning survival skills will go a long way in any situation, nuclear or not.

If you want to get some potassium iodine pills in case of nuclear plants failure or nuclear bomb, you can visit this site:
Here is a free download for nuclear survival skills: Nuclear War Survival Skill

Keep praying.

Chemtrail or not?

A couple years ago I was invited to preach one Sunday at my previous church.  During the sermon, I mentioned the conspiracy of chemtrail, or more technically, GeoEngineering.

Have you ever noticed the long white trail left behind by a jet plane high up the sky?  Like most people, initially I thought that it is simply the condensation trail.  However, I started to notice something different: the trail exhausted by some planes would dissipate in 30 seconds while some trails last for 4-5 hours and eventually turn into “fake cloud”!

I started to research and found out the shocking truth that these trails that last hours in the sky are actually chemical trails full of toxic chemicals such as barium salts, aluminum oxide, strontium and mercury, etc….

For the sake of argument, here is a site that debunks chemtrail:

The underlying questions are:

  1. Are the governments really executing programs to spray chemicals on their own population
  2. If so, why?

Frequent users on this website know that I like to wear “tin foil hats” and spread conspiracies, which in most cases turn out to be the truth.

I am not anti-government.  However, I have come to learn that we need to examine everything put forth by the propaganda machines owned by powers that be.  DO NOT BLINDLY BELIEVE whatever the government says.  Have we not learned from history that the great crimes of genocide, murdering, spying, biological experiments and abortions are sanctioned by the authorities?

Why does the Canadian government bans raw milk but not tobacco?

Why does the government claims that vaccines is safe while CDC confirms that vaccine contains toxic such as mercury, formaldehyde, cow tissue, human tissue, etc:  CDC Vaccine Ingredients t

Lookup “HAARP weather modification” and the long list of patents related to weather modification from google. The chemtrails are there to help control the weather and probably to kill off the mass population by slowly poisoning all the food and water source (conspiracy!!).

I would like to share 2 links that are excellent in proving chemtrails:

Geo Engineering Watch – Dane Wigington – tons of information, photos, videos, lawsuits against governments, etc….

Chemtrail Pilot Blows The Lid Off Of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD – Confession from US military pilot who actually flied one of the chemtrail jet planes

I don’t know where we can escape the chemtrails but I do know you can do your own research, spread the word and eat healthy!

I also like to say this prayer whenever I see chemtrail:  “In the name of Jesus Christ, we rebuke the chemtrail that is sprayed upon us.  May God disperse the toxic and cleanse the air. Amen.”

Government Totalitarian Surveillance

Since 911 attack, governments around the world have been pushing the agenda to implement mass surveillance on their citizens in the name of “fighting terrorism and gang crimes”:

  1. U.K. Passes Law Creating “Totalitarian-style” Surveillance State
  2. Canada’s Bill C-51
  3. Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: CIA Uses “Hacking, Trojans, Viruses, And Weaponized Malware”

Recently on Trunews host RickWiles reported that there is a plan to implement global 5G communication in order to bring about the “Global Brain”.  Every person, everything (i.e. shoes, clothes) will be connected to this “Global Brain”.  There will be low-orbit satellites everywhere to provide “free” wi-fi and monitoring.

And we know from Wikileaks that the government has built backdoor and malware into every single iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad…… to spy on you.

Does this sound like the “beast” system in Book of Revelation?

Dear readers, the technology already exists and they are revealing their plans to actually implement it.  Their goal is to control every living creature on earth so that the elite can live like “gods”.

The hottest topics in the technology world now is artificial intelligence, internet of things, smart things, bio-metric security, cloud computing, etc….  These are all interconnected and will need to be implemented fully in order for the global brain / beast system to work.

We have been accused of, many times, for not using facebook, twitter, whatsApp and barely having our cellphone on.  We understand and realize that as long as we are on the Internet we are being monitored.  However, we want to minimize our “footprints” on the web.  Unlike most people who would forfeit their freedom for a little convenience, we would remain “old school” as long as possible, although our days are numbered.

When we discuss this with people, most people would respond:  “I am not a criminal, I do nothing illegal, why should I care about government surveillance?”  To be honest, those answers are extremely naive.  I once heard from John McAfee that privacy is how society is built upon.

Visualize your social circle.  In the outermost ring is strangers.  The next level is acquaintances.  The next level is friends.  The next is extended family and relative.  The innermost is your spouse and children.  The closer you get to the center (yourself), the more secrets you would want to share.  This is just commonsense.

Would you like to share your most private moment with the entire world?  Would you like to share your bank account password with the government?  Would you like your government to collect every words you have spoken and use them against you when you do not support their agenda?

Privacy is extremely important and government should not be allowed in eavesdropping us without due process and warrants.

We also learn that your “smart TV” has been spying and watching all your moves at home.  Your Amazon echo has been recording all your conversations.  In the future, the microchips in your shoes and clothes, while connected to the global brain, can also spy on you.

Be careful of what you say or even think (they have the technology to track your brainwave and decipher what you think).  Big brother is watching YOU.

Antarctica and Aliens

I am not even sure how I should write about this topic:  Alien.  I am sure most readers have heard about UFOs, Area-51 and little gray/green men abducting humans.  Being a “rational” man and a Christian, I treat these reports as “old wife’s fables”.  However, over the years, as I realize that many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” are actually real and based on facts, I have started to look into this matter again.  The government, controlled by the elites, definitely hide massive amount of information from the public “for our own good.”

Recently there are many news about Antarctica:

John Kerry visits Antarctica

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In

If you want more information read Steve Quayle’s book Empire Beneath the Ice, it will be a good start.  I also recommend researching the following topics:

  1. Did the Nazi got help from the aliens to develop vastly superior technology?  Hermann Oberth, Nazis rocket experts claimed that “we were helped from people from other worlds”.
  2. Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump
  3. Philip Schneider and Dulce underground base.

Do I believe that there are aliens from outer space?  Possibly.  I know that the Bible talks about fallen angels mingled with human women and they gave birth to giants.  Could these “aliens” be the unholy product between fallen angels and human women?  I think these aliens have evil origins and their purpose here on earth is to rebel against God and seduce human in their quest to defile God.

Of course, don’t spend too much energy on this matter because whether or not aliens exist, the Bible do not explicitly address them so our focus should be living a holy life in Christ, loving one another and help other people to enter the kingdom of God.

I guess I can put on my tin foil head again