Beware of Disney and Hollywood

Many parents would bring their young children to one of the Disneylands in the world as a family vacation trip. They would consider Disney cartoons and movies “family friendly”. Being a particular and protective parents, we have examined and researched the Disney movies over the years and have totally stopped our family from watching and reading any Disney related products.

Why? Because Walt Disney has turned into a wicked company that pushes anti-God and anti-Christians agenda on young children. 20 years ago it was subtle. Since 2012 liberal (evil) themes of witchcraft and homosexuality have been permeated Disney’s movies.

In fact, most of the Hollywood movies have been purposely pushing the ideologies of cannibalism, homosexuality, witchcraft, one world government, AI, transhumanism, etc. It is quite obvious that media is the best tool to expose the public with radical ideas through movies and TV series. Over time the public would gradually accept the ideology and gladly adopt them into their lifestyles. Any new sinister policy bring about by the elites will be met with minimum resistance because the people have been “prepped” psychologically.

Hollywood, according to former insider Jon Robberson, is full of Satan’s handwriting and you will be blown away by learning how evil and corrupt some of the producers and movie starts are:

Rampant Hollywood Perversion- Insider Jon Robberson- The Common Sense Show 3/12/16 (Hour 3):

Breeder Babies, Satanic Child Trafficking Exposed by Former Hollywood Insider- Jon Robberson Interview:

We purchased a documentary “Magic Kingdom” several years ago by Little Light Studios. You can watch the trailer her:

BELOW is taken from-

About Disney, and what to expect next

Although the LGBTQ agenda is not strongly pushed in this film (likely to avoid greater financial risk), it is definitely (and purposely) there and is part of a clear trend.

  • 1991: Disney World begins hosting Gay pride events. By 2010, Gay Days at Walt Disney World (first Saturday in June, preceded by a week of area LGBT events) “is now one of the largest gay pride events in the world” (Time and Wikipedia).
  • 1998: At a Gay and Lesbian student conference (UC-Santa Cruz), leading Gay activist Elizabeth Birch, a lesbian and former chair of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force reveals a recent conversation with then Disney CEO Michael Eisner in which he corrected her belief that 30% of Disney’s employees were Gay, telling her that it was actually 40%. (A video of her saying this at the conference is publicly available from Americans for Truth, who wonders what the LGBTQ percentage is now, 18 years later.)
  • April 2014: The Atlantic magazine (politics: left of center) publishes an article reporting, “It’s not just Frozen: most Disney movies are pro-Gay / By preaching acceptance and questioning gender, the company’s kids films offer a queer-studies crash course.”
  • March 2016: The Walt Disney Company threatens to BOYCOTT Georgia over the state’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” claiming it is anti-Gay and Lesbian.
  • May 2016: The Washington Post publishes an article titled “Are we ready for a gay Disney princess? We may be closer than you think.” (The newspaper is owned by Progressive Liberal activist Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.)
  • May 2016: An activist starts a LGBTQ Twitter campaign that expands quickly—calling on Disney to make Frozen’s Elsa a lesbian, to promote LGBTQ to kids.
  • September 2016: Actress/singer Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa in “Frozen” and the upcoming “Frozen 2” (2018), says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “I’m all for it. I think it’s a wonderful idea.”
  • November 2016: The Huffington Post reports that Disney’s “‘Moana’ directors say ‘possibilities are open’ for an LGBTQ Disney princess.”
  • February 2017: Disney XD cable channel shows a cartoon (aimed at young teens) that includes not only boys and girls kissing, but also Gay and Lesbian kisses in an episode of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil”.
  • In the movie, “Kinsey” (directed by “Beauty and the Beast” Director Bill Condon, and starring Liam Neeson), Kinsey is shown engaging in or endorsing adultery, swinging, bisexuality, homosexuality, group sex, pornography, and sadomasochism. March 2017: The director that Disney chose for this “Beauty and the Beast” family film is the director of the “Kinsey” (2004) theatrical drama that endorses virtually ALL sexual sins, including homosexuality. He also directed the homosexual themed “Gods and Monsters”. Director Bill Condon is openly homosexual and proudly announces his insertion of a more overt Gay character in a Disney kids’ movie.

Secular mass media outlets tell the world that this new “Beauty and the Beast” is a “watershed moment” for Disney, sending an even clearer public message that Disney IS promoting homosexuality as normal and totally acceptable (not a sin and rebellion against God).

What’s next? The trend is clear, but not necessarily inevitable. The future depends on the response of consumers.

In light of what has been happening, it is not surprising that Franklin Graham says of Disney…

“They’re trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children—watch out! Disney has the right to make their cartoons, it’s a free country. But as Christians we also have the right not to support their company. I hope Christians everywhere will say no to Disney. I met Walt Disney when I was a young boy—he was very gracious to me, my father Billy Graham, and my younger brother when we visited. He would be shocked at what has happened to the company that he started.”


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