Calgary – Naked Swim Day Offered At Public Pool And CHILDREN Are Encouraged To Come

According Dailywire, a Calgary based nudist group has rented out a public swimming pool, with government staff supervising, for a “nudist experience” where children under 18 are encouraged to show up.  Of course, the children would expect to be naked, surrounded by other naked strangers.

I have no issue with a group of adult nudists gathering privately at their home or sun bathing on a private beach, engaging in whatever sinful conducts they can imagine.  That is their rights and freedom.  However, I strongly oppose to a nudist event in a public setting AND allowing minors to participate.  This is a perfect enviornment for sexual abuse and pedophilia preying on vulnerable children.

I believe any caring parent would not allow their naked children to be exposed to a group of strangers, let along swimming and “playing” together.  If I am in a changing room with my young boys, I would make sure they get changed as fast as they can and get out of sight of other men.

Since homosexual marriage was legalized in Canada, we have seen rapid downfall on society.  Bills that aim to silence any opposing voice to the LGBT movement have been passed with ease.  Public school officials have make sure that our children will never be comfortable with their natural sexual orientation.

Legalizing pedophilia, beastality and cannibalism would one day be the headlines.  Do not be surprise my dear readers.  Things will keep getting worse unless the country repents and begs for God’s mercy and the move of the Holy Spirit, led by prayers and fasting from real Christians.  We are like Sodom and Gomorrah and will one day be destroyed by God’s judgment and wrath.  The cry of innocent blood of millions from aborted babies has reached the ear of God the Father.

Christians, keeping praying and let our voice be heard.

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