Canada Needs Your Prayer

This year marks my beloved country Canada 150th birthday.  I love my country with its diverse landscapes, breathtaking nature scenery, multiculturalism and peaceful society, or it used to be.

In the past few years, I have witnessed the breakdown of morality and increase hostility towards traditional Christian and family values in my home province Ontario and other provinces.  Under Liberal Premier Wayne, parents in Ontario have been fighting the sinister and radical sex education pushed down to children as young as age 5.

Now we cannot use the term mother and father in court.

Now parents have minimum say over their OWN child’s matter

Now we cannot say anything negative about Islam for what it is

All the above laws and motions are intended to achieve this goal: to destroy Christian values on morality, religious faith and families.  Christians are the only group of people standing in the way of global elites’ dream of one world government whereby the elites would be worshiped as “gods” while the rest of us would be feudal serfs.  They had their “golden age” Luciferian government before Noah’s flood and they are now trying to revive it.

God would allow the beast system to prevail for a season but they would utterly fail eventually when Jesus Christ returns.  The new tower of Babel would come crashing down once again, no matter how technologically advance human has become.

Please pray for Canada, a once peaceful and God-fearing country.    Sometimes I wonder if I should move my family to  a country like Russia where it seems Christians are still welcomed and treated with respect.  However, God hasn’t given me any signs so I would stay here and fight.  I wish you would come and join me.


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