Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching. I am a father of 8 children, but sometimes I feel like I am entirely unqualified to be called a “father”.  Sure, I go to work, put food on the table, cut the grass, build thing around the house, fix leaky toilet, replace burnt electrical outlets, build a new addition, fix the tractor, etc….  However, those are simply earthly responsibilities that every father should do.

Because we are so busy in these modern days, we hardly have quantity time with our wives and children.  Children grow up so fast and they need our attention and encouragement as well, day by day.  I recently received an email from NCFIC:

Now through Father’s Day we’re offering 50% off our products on fatherhood, We will also include a free copy of Husbands Love Your Wives with each order.
Here are the products that are on sale:
Building a God-Centered Family is one of our premier books to help fathers to lead their families to the true worship of God. In this book, Mathew Henry explains the importance of making your families as “little churches”. I encourage every father to read this book as it will be a tremendous help in leading your family.
It Can Be Done was a book that my wife found and brought to me one day to encourage me. She read me the first poem and I was hooked. It is full of inspiring poems and will lift your spirits. It is a perfect book to give to a father. My favorite poem in the book is, “It Couldn’t be Done.” After that, you won’t be want to stop!
The sets, A New Kind of Father and Fatherhood, are each a compilation of messages that I’ve around the country at our fatherhood conferences. They are expositional messages on different fathers in the bible focusing how we can follow in their footsteps and avoid their mistakes.

I then find out that the links to the resources can be downloaded for FREE.  I haven’t read or listened to any of these but NCFIC always provide solid Biblical teaching materials.

On a similar subject of fatherhood, how do we as Christian parents build a godly heritage for the next generation?  Many years ago I visited a predominantly Mennonite church called Charity Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania.  There I met the late pastor Denny Kenaston and he was a great preacher.  I learned about and listened to his well-know series “The Godly Home” on CDs.

Before he passed away several years ago, I believe his church recorded a new series of “The Godly Home” on video and subsequently uploaded to  YouTube.  You can find the series here.

I highly recommend you to go through the entire series if you are serious about being a Christian parent that God intends you to be.  You will learn a tremendous amount of Scriptural teaching on parenting and child education.

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