Ontario’s new PC leader

Just as it seems all hope is lost in Ontario (when it comes to the corrupt Liberal government), Patrick Brown resigned.  And then Tanya Allen, a grassroot activist joined the race for PC party leadership with Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney and Christine Elliot.

We signed up for the PC party membership 2 weeks before the deadline and we set our cast on Tanya and Doug, solely based on their conviction and perspective on opposing abortion, corruption within the PC party and Liberal’s sex-education curriculum.  In my heart, I know that Tanya could not win because of her background and experience.  However, I was a supporter for PACE for a long time and I admire her relentless effort in repealing Wynne’s perverted agenda.

In addition, the fact that she was able to run in the race and speak out against Patrick Brown and sex-education curriculum is a great encouragement to me that may be, God has finally granted Ontario a reprieve.

So on the ballot, I voted for Tanya as #1 and Doug as #2.  Over the weekend after the drama, Doug was elected as the new leader of Ontario PC party.  Liberals are terrified of Doug Ford. If he beats Kathleen Wynne, their narrative collapses

Let us continue to pray for Ontario, the most populated province of Canada.  I am encouraged to read that there are still many social conservatives who are concern about traditional values of marriage, life and education.  They are oppressed and demonized in social medias, workplaces, public forums, college campus, etc….. however, when it is time to vote, people would rise up against corruption and incompetence of the incumbent government.

I pray that the PC party would be the winner of the coming provincial election in June.  And Doug Ford would hold to his election promise without compromise.

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