World War III Approaching Again?

US President Trump ordered missile strike on Syria weeks ago based on presumptive “evidence” that Assad ordered chemical attack on his own citizens, including children.  I seriously doubt the credibility of the gas attack.  Why would Assad ordered biological attack on his citizens when ISIS is almost defeated and peace can finally be restored in Syria.  It is irrational.

Now North Korea and US are making headline news everyday with their exchange of threats of nuclear war and preemptive strike military actions.  The North Korea dictator is a demon-possessed, mentally unstable person who might order nuclear strike to any country he deems fit.

Folks, this is a repeat of Cold War and Cuba missile crisis.  However, things are somewhat different this time in continental US and around the world.  During the Cold War era, memory of World War II still lingered and people took the threat seriously by stockpiling water, food and building bomb shelters.  US government even mandated evacuation drills to the public: Duck and Cover.

Now people in US would bluff at such threat after 70 years of peace.  Most people do not believe that anything bad can happen to mainland US because of her military might and financial power.  “Who would dare to challenge the number 1 superpower in the world?”  Sadly, if we read history, all empires fell regardless of how mighty and glorious they once were.  Unite States is no different, especially when she has turned away from God Almighty.

For those of us living in Canada, we will be affected if US encounters any nuclear strike or EMP attack.  I am not a fear monger.  Knowing and preparing for possible disasters is what a prudent and wise man would do.  Simply storing some essential items and learning survival skills will go a long way in any situation, nuclear or not.

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Keep praying.

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  1. ps – for those in the GTA, the 50 km nuclear fallout zone from Pickering would include everyone east of Rexdale and south of Richmond Hill, can check your postal code on that website for free mailout of Ki pills for your family.

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