Milking Station

In order to make milking easier, we decided to build a elevated milking stanchion/platform.  The dimension is 72 inches long, 36 inches wide and about 9 inches high.  We use free pallet as the base, add a sheet of plywood on top and use 2×4 for the posts.

At hindsight, the platform would be much sturdier if we use 4×4 posts but 2×4 still works.

We also build a small ramp for the cow to exist the milking station.

This is the milking station
2 layers of pallets (free!)
We put some grain, grass and carrots in the feeder while milking.
One fixed board and a movable one make up the head gate.  It is about 7.5 inches wide.
The side gate will be opened for exit when milking is done.
We have since put a piece of kids’ foam mat on the ramp to prevent slippery.
The cow in the station.  The station is barely long enough for our cow!


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