The Crash Course

A couple years ago, I came across this website Peak Prosperity and watched their condense version of “Crash Course” (2008 version).  It was quite an eye-opener.  The course talks about the effect of exponential growth, how money is created, economy, oil and environment.  The underlying message is that with depleting resource we are heading into a collapse; but we can still thrive through the hard times.

I don’t believe the authors are Christians as I don’t see any mention of biblical approach when facing a crisis, but I think the material presented in the video would help us understand the coming challenge human are facing.  Here is the link: Crash Course on Youtube

If you want to download the entire course (in .zip and .webm format): Download Entire Course

Ultimately, no matter how well we are prepared physically, only Jesus Christ can save us from all troubles.  Listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and be saved TODAY.

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