Hook and Yarn Creations

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Hi, this is Tiffany and Odelia. Above in the slideshow are pictures of our previous works. We are selling some of these things. You can see the prices below. If you have any crochet patterns and would like to have someone make it for you, please let us know! We also take orders for that.

Email us at info@littleapplesofgold.com to order. We only take local order for now.




$15.00 each

Length: 5″

Height: 3.5″


Owl Keyring

$6.00 each

Height: 2.5″

Width: 2.5″


Fancy Goldfish Coasters

$7.00 each

2 for $12.00

Length: 9.25″

Width: 7.25″

Available in blue or green


Apple Coasters

$3.50 each

2 for $6.00

Diameter: 3.75″


Flower Coasters

$3.50 each

2 for $6.00

Diameter: 5″

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