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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining and Other Stories by A.L.O.E. (Junior) (In stock : 0)

This is an awesome collection of stories with a nugget of character-building truth in each one! Can disappointment really have a silver lining? What lesson from a Sea Mew can we learn about trusting God in the midst of a tempest? Will a little, quick disobedience really matter? Will we really ever regret our impatience with a little brother? Are rich people happier than poor? Twenty-one stories in all that young and old will enjoy! Great family reading!

Battling with the World by A.L.O.E. (Intermediate) (In stock : 1)

The sequel to The Giant-Killer continues the story of the Robys. It is now several years later; the Probyns have returned home, and yet the lives of the Robys and Probyns continue to be somewhat entwined. Tragedy and sorrow have struck deeply at the Roby family, and yet they continue to bravely fight the battle of faith, strive for contentment, and do right in the midst of very trying circumstances. See how they rise, determined to conquer, and love each other, and trust in God in the journey of life. You won’t want to miss this one!

Godly Stories for Christian Boys Vol.1 (Intermediate) (In stock : 1)

This volume contains four stories, each teaching one of the harder lessons in life: trusting God when life is difficult, trusting God when others have accused you of wrong doing, trusting God when you are timid or fearful, and trusting God when others have lied about you. The lessons of forgiving and going on in life are needful lessons. Each young man who reads of the struggles faced by these boys will be strengthened and encouraged to keep doing right and trusting God to work things out. This is a must read!

Greystone Lodge (Intermediate) (In stock : 1)

Greystone Lodge is the home of a robust, loving, Christian family. The author does an outstanding job of weaving Christian character and temper into the story through the individual struggles of the family members. Each one learns to live the Christian life surrendering in sweet submission to God’s plan for them. This is a story that will bless the entire family. KOF Old Reprint.

Mrs C. H. Spurgeon by Charles Ray (In stock : 0)
This informative biography will give you many peeks and insights into the lives of both Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon. You will learn many things about a woman’s love for her husband, what a Christ-centered marriage is like, and see a picture of a helpmeet in difficult situations. You will even read about a little story in which God showed His love for Mrs. Spurgeon in a most personal and special way, despite His not removing a daily life of pain and crippling disease. God’s ways are not our ways. Mrs. Spurgeon also had a wonderful ministry of helping others from her sickbed! She is an inspiration to women everywhere. Old Reprint.
Ned Frank by A.L.O.E (Adult) (In stock : 0)
Ned Franks is a very likeable young Christian fellow. He is an ex-sailor who had to leave his beloved occupation abruptly because of the loss of a forearm. You will not only like Ned, but you will learn to love him in this first book in the “Ned Franks” series. Follow this cheery young man as he seems to reach out with his remaining hand, and he and his God tread with divinely sure footing through the trials of a difficult part of life. Witness Christian character under trial, and feel the reward of doing things God’s way in your own heart through this heartwarming story. Those who have read the series have likened it to Stepping Heavenward. You will not be disappointed! A must read!The Ned Franks Series contains three books: “Ned Franks,” “Sheer Off!,” and “The Silver Keys.”
Sheer Off by A.L.O.E (Adult) (In stock : 0)
This is the second story in the Ned Franks Series. “Sheer off” is a term similar to “keep away.” Thus, the continued story of Ned and Persis Franks details the life of a young family in a community, and how they deal with life or struggle to deal with life in a Christian manner. It is a challenging story of love, anger, humiliation, forgiveness, life, death, salvation, and more! It is an outstanding story giving illustration after illustration of the human struggles that we all face, and what places, people, things, attitudes, and sins from which we need to “sheer off.” This is a life-changer!
The Silver Keys by A.L.O.E (Adult) (In stock : 0)
The Silver Keys is the concluding story in the Ned Franks Series. If you already have read the first two stories, you know this one will be super too, and you will not be disappointed! Jealousy, slander, meanness—how does a Christian respond? How does a Christian forgive? How does a Christian treat the one forgiven? How does a pastor handle such troublesome problems in his church? This is the third exceptional story in this series on the true spirit of Christian living—the Spirit of Christ. For as the Word teaches us, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.” You will be challenged. We were!
Parlor and Kitchen (teen) (In stock : 0)

This book is truly a gem! It is the story of a girl who is orphaned at the age of sixteen. She must go out in the great, wide world to earn her living. As it was in the 1800’s, her only option was to go out to “service.” Service meant that she would hire herself out to be a servant to a household. Since she really did not know how to go about getting a position, or even being a servant, her lone aunt took her kindly under her wings and helped her along. In essence, Parlor and Kitchen is an excellent textbook on being a servant. But you might say, “So, who wants to be a servant? Why should we read this?” I’m glad you asked! Why, the Lord Jesus calls us all to be servants. If we are wives, mothers, children or employees, we will find these instructions very insightful. However, we can go a step further, and apply these instructions to ourselves as servants of the Lord! This would make a wonderful little book for family teaching time, lesson time at Keepers’ clubs, or personal devotions. It is very thought-provoking, especially to those who have a heart for it. KOF Old Reprint.

Precepts in Practice by A.L.O.E. (Intermediate) (In stock : 1)
A.L.O.E. simply is unmatched in skill with bringing practical applications to Scriptures. In this gem, we will see a number of Proverbs come to life as temptations are faced, peer pressure mounts, or sinners entice. At the same time, faith is strengthened, trust is made sure, and peace and rest are found. This is one of her best books! It changed my (Susan’s) life; I hope it changes yours!
Prisoners of Hope by Alcock (In stock : 1)

True, unforgettable story about the believers in 1548: their lives, their persecution, their love for Christ, their faith in Him, and what it meant to them. Few in our day even know or understand such self-sacrifice and such true faithfulness to God and His Word. This is one of those stories which will leave an indelible imprint on your heart and perhaps challenge your Christian walk.

Robert Dawson (intermediate) (In stock : 1)

This book is not about that Robert Dawson who was a missionary. However, it is an excellent story for boys! Actually it could even serve as a manual for parents who wish to rear boys to be real, responsible men. The story line is simply chock full of what is real determination, diligence, obedience and many other character traits—all seamlessly integrated. Do you want your young man to understand and to have a real work ethic? This is a must read! KOF Old Reprint.

Tales Illustrative of the Parables by A.L.O.E (Intermediate) (In stock : 1)

This book features a dozen short stories, each one focusing on one of the parables of Jesus. A.L.O.E. weaves a story like no other, and these stories are no exception. This collection will increase your children’s awareness of applying the parables to their daily lives. Or why not read the stories together? They would make a great addition to your family reading night.

The Hymn My Mother Taught Me by A.L.O.E. (Junior) (In stock : 1)

This is a book to be read again and again. Not only are the stories character-building, but they are spiritually edifying to all who read them. Find out how a hymn saves a young boy from ruin, read how a young girl’s Christian example aids in her father’s salvation, learn about the foolishness of peer pressure and how it led to untimely deaths, find the folly in four foolish wishes, and so much more. This book is a treasure!

The Mine by A.L.O.E. (Intermediate) (In stock : 0)

The Mine is quite a thriller, both in the light of this world and in the light of the next. Arthur and Phemie (brother and sister), and Asahel have all lost their parents. As such, they have given more thought than most young people as to what brings happiness in life. Arthur and Phemie have had Christian upbringing—Asahel has not—but do any belong to the Lord? That is an important question because they explore an abandoned mine shaft together and become trapped. No one knows of the opening, so speculation and searching occurs at the seashore where they are thought to have drowned. Thus, they face the one question of life alone and in total darkness. Don’t miss this one.

True Heroism by A.L.O.E. (Intermediate) (In stock : 2)

True Heroism is a compilation of essays that Uncle Presgrave assigns to his nieces and nephews, as an interesting, yet quiet, activity on a rainy day. The topic chosen is heroism. The uncle promises to read the stories aloud and add one of his when they are finished. The stories are primarily copied from reference books by the children. Uncle Presgrave duly reads each aloud, and adds keen insights into the parallels and differences of valor as viewed by the world and as viewed by God. Nearly every story is used to zero in on some aspect of belonging to, and bravely serving the Saviour. Stimulating and thought-provoking for young people.

Other Titles (Not from KOF)
Basket of Flowers (SAT, Hardcover) (In stock : 0) 11.00
Little Lame Walter (Saloff-Astakhoff, BibleTruth) (In stock : 1) 4.50
Roses and Thorns (Grace and Truth) (In stock : 2) 5.00
The Rubber Stamper’s Bible (Read, David & Charles) (In stock : 2) 10.50
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