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Do you preach the gospel?

We know the Great Commission the Lord Jesus Christ gave to us, His believers. I do find it hard to just walk up to someone and ask if he/she believes in Jesus Christ. I have heard people sharing their faith to whoever they meet, not afraid to be slapped in the face or be mocked at. I marvel at them.
I did pass out a few Gospel tracts, talk to people at work OCCASIONALLY and hestitate a lot before I open the subject. Why am I so weak and afraid? One speaker said if we as parents do not set an example to preach the gospel to other people, we fail. It doesn’t matter if we do other things right: modest dressing, no TV, going to church, family devotion, bible study, etc…. I ponder on this and I think he is right. How can a child know if this Christian faith is real? Sure we can pray a lot, read the Bible a lot, help and love other people; those are important too. However, if we are not soulwinners, we fail. If my child never see a sinner repents and his life totally changes, she will doubt if this faith has any power; in essence, the faith is empty to her until she experience the life changing power of Christ.
If anyone has any suggestions or comments on this subject, please let me know how to work on this.