Garden Late Summer 2023

This year we expanded our garden.  However, we have been struggling with bindweeds.  This persistent and never-dying (almost) vine is extremely difficult to remove.   Their roots can grow to 2 feet long and yet very brittle.  If you leave the broken pieces of the vines on the ground or in the soil, each broken piece can sprout a new plant!

I learn that the only way to suppress them is carefully remove the leaves, stems and roots, repeatedly.  We would use a bucket to collet the weeds and burn them.  After 5 or 6 hand digging at the same spot, the bindweed would seem to be weaken and finally die off.

Talk about stubbornness!


Cucumbers.  Some of the plants are killed by wilt, which is a bacteria spread by cucumber beetles.  I have been using Dr. Bronner’s soap mix to suppress them.
3 sisters patch (corn, squash, bean) planted by my youngest son Caleb.
Cabbages.  I make sure I planted them further apart this year.
Mama squash and delicata squash
Turnip.  I haven’t planted this for several years.
Kohlrabi.  First time growing it.
Daikon and broccoli for fall planting.
Potato plants are growing pretty good this year.  I surrounded them with sheep manure.
Our family cat sleeping in the garlic patch!

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