Christian Faith

We are Bible-believing christians .  Over the years we have attended different churches under different denominations.  We have been exposed to various worship music styles, Bible versions and ministries.  The Lord has led us into where we stand today and we would like to share those teachings that affect us most with you here.  Some of the topics here are bound to irritate or even offend some of you because they are not the popular, “mainstream” Christian teachings.  However, don’t take us wrong, we are not preaching heresy here.  We are simply following the conservative teachings that were once the majority 50 years ago.  We believe:

  • King James Version is the best correct version that is the preserved Word of God for English speaking people.  All other verions like NIV, NKJV, NASV…..are somewhat corrupted and would lead to wrong doctrine. Read here
  • Most of the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is NOT holy music in God’s eyes and should be avoided.  Therefore we encourage old-fashioned hymns during worship.  Christian rock and pop music actually worships the Devil.
  • Modest dressing.  Christian ladies should avoid tank-tops, tight jeans, bikinis and mini-skirts.  These types of clothing are secular and provoke lust in other men.  The dress code in our family is: dresses and skirts should cover the knees, shirts and blouses should cover the shoulders and waist.  The main idea is to take others’ focus off the shape of any parts of the body.
  • In a two parents family (1 man and 1 woman), the husband should be the provider and the wife should be the homemaker.  There are serious consequences when the wife goes out and work.  Read here
  • Avoid TV (and most movies).  Read the reasons here.
  • Christians should avoid borrowing money, be it mortgage, financing for a new car or even new church building.  Read the reasons Read here
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