Hanging Garlic to cure

This year, we have grown more than 600 bulbs of garlic. I used to hang them on ab ABS pipe at our old place. I need to find a better way to cure the garlic occupying minimum space so I build a very simple stand inspired by this video:



Side view of the stand.  You just need 3 long pieces of 2x4s and 8 pieces of short 2x4s.
Using 1.5″ long deck screws, first drill a screw on one end of the top piece (front).  Then screw about 8″ apart on the other side (back) of the top piece.

Continue in this front and back pattern along the top piece.

Essentially, the screws are 16″ apart on each side of the top piece.

Each piece of bale twine can hold about 50 garlic bulbs, with 10 bulbs in a bundle for each counting.

My stand of 8′ long top piece at a height of 7′ tall can hold about 600 garlic bulbs.

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