Civil Disobedience of a Brave Toronto Restaurant Owner

Last year, there was a Toronto barbecue restaurant owner who purposely engaged in civil disobedience.  He recently released a news statement that I think it is worthwhile for one to watch.  What he said are plain common sense, yet as I said before, the government does have a dark agenda to impose unlawful and unconstitutional lockdowns (lookup Great Reset).  The lockdowns are against our Canadian Charter.  The government’s own health statistics do not support any pandemic situation with more than 95-99% of “resolved” (meaning recovered from covid) cases.

That means in every 100 positive cases (remember 50% change of false positive AND a positive case does not mean having symptoms), 95 to 99 of people will be healthy again.  Wow!!  What kind of “pandemic” is that?

My aged father is very afraid of covid, but I don’t blame him because most people blindly listen to major media who are simply mouthpiece of the government.  Our freedom is being stripped away in front of our eyes.

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