Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Humans?

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time.  I remembered watching some robots movies when I was a child but those robots were clunky and not “smart” at all.  Recently, however, AI is one of the hottest topics in the technology world and many companies have started to invest and implement AI technology in their business model.

It is no doubt that AI can greatly improve production efficiency and alleviate us from mundane tasks.  AI can process large amount of data quickly and accurately.  Robots can fight wars, clean our houses, play with our children, grow food….the utopia world pictured in science fictions where everything are run by computers could become reality in the near future.

But if AI is doing everything, where does that put humans?  Why does this world need any human being at all if the computers are smarter and more efficient than us?

AI/robots are gradually replacing humans:

  1. Amazon warehouse
  2. Driverless tractors
  3. Autonomous vehicles could lead to banning human motorists
  4. AI processing insurance claims, eliminating jobs
  5. Factory workers replaced by robots

It just makes sense.  A robot does not sleep and eat.  A robot does not strike and requests pay raise.  A robot will (supposedly) follow your orders to the last dot without questions.  A robot can easily outperform a human worker in any measures.  If I am a business owner, I would seriously consider “employing” a cheap robot rather than dealing with an “emotional” human worker.  All the cost savings in labor, pensions, benefits will drive my company stock to the sky!

Nevertheless, if people are unemployed, who is going to buy the products produced by the robots?  How can one prepare for the onslaught of AI and the ever-expanding influence and power of the “Frightful Five”?

I don’t have any answer but can only rely on Almighty God for His divine guidance.

Trunews sent a team to London last week for a technology conference and I have learned so much from it.  Click the following click and listen to the streamcast with title “London Tech Week”:

London Tech Week

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