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Over 37,000 Scientists and Medical Professionals Call for ‘Focused Protection’ and End to Lockdowns – The Great Barrington Declaration

The following declaration was authored and signed in Great Barrington, US, on October 4, 2020.  As of  5:30pm EST of October 8, 2020, it is

As of 11:00am EST of October 16, 2020:

For videos and/or to sign the declaration, please visit

Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.

Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.

Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.

Fortunately, our understanding of the virus is growing. We know that vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young. Indeed, for children, COVID-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza.

As immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls. We know that all populations will eventually reach herd immunity – i.e.  the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine. Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity.

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.

Adopting measures to protect the vulnerable should be the central aim of public health responses to COVID-19. By way of example, nursing homes should use staff with acquired immunity and perform frequent PCR testing of other staff and all visitors. Staff rotation should be minimized. Retired people living at home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home. When possible, they should meet family members outside rather than inside. A comprehensive and detailed list of measures, including approaches to multi-generational households, can be implemented, and is well within the scope and capability of public health professionals.

Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.

On October 4, 2020, this declaration was authored and signed in Great Barrington, United States, by:

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist with expertise in detecting and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations.

Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, vaccine development, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert focusing on infectious diseases and vulnerable populations.

For videos and/or to sign the declaration, please visit

Great Barrington Declaration

Corona, False Alarm? – A Book by Dr. Karina Reiss and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Note: We have no affiliation with the authors and the publisher.

The following is the description of the book taken from the publisher’s site:

Cut to the facts about coronavirus in Corona, False Alarm?, the runaway German bestseller.

In June 2020, Corona, False Alarm? exploded into the German market, selling 200,000 copies and 75,000 e-books in six weeks.

No other topic dominates our attention as much as coronavirus and COVID-19, the infectious disease it triggers. There’s been a global deluge of contradictory opinions, fake news, and politically controlled information. Differing views on the dangers posed by the pandemic have led to deep division and confusion, within governments, society, and even among friends and family.

In Corona, False Alarm?, award-winning researchers Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Karina Reiss give clarity to these confusing and stressful times. They offer analysis of whether radical protective measures—including lockdown, social distancing, and mandatory masking—have been justified, and what the ramifications have been for society, the economy, and public health. Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Reiss provide dates, facts, and background information, including:

  • How Covid-19 compares with previous coronaviruses and the flu virus
  • What infection numbers and the death rate really tell us
  • The challenges around lockdown: Were the protective measures justified?
  • Mandatory mask-wearing: Does the science support it?
  • Does the race for vaccine development make sense? What are the chances of success? Will the vaccine be safe? Will people accept it?

Corona, False Alarm? provides you with sound information and substantiated facts—and encourages you to form your own opinion on the corona crisis.

About Karina Reiss Ph.D.

Karina Reiss was born in Germany and studied biology at the University of Kiel where she received her PhD in 2001. She became assistant professor in 2006 and associate professor in 2008 at the University of Kiel. She has published over sixty articles in the fields of cell biology, biochemistry, inflammation, and infection, which have gained international recognition and received prestigious honors and awards.

About Sucharit Bhakdi MD

by Dr Claus Rinner


Bill Gates

We all hear his name a lot this year.  He seems to have all the solutions and ideas to lead us all into this next ‘Brave New World‘.  The question is, should we listen to him?

For other parts of this series and their transcripts, please visit this link Who is Bill Gates.

Below is a less than one minute clip taken from an interview by CNBC with Bill Gates this year:

Italian Politician Demand Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity

The whole world continues to be dominated by COVID-19 power grab from the “elites”, protests by free people, skyrocketing debts due to stimulus, massive unemployment and business closures.  There is a real danger that would enslave entire human race ->  forced vaccination with microchip implanted to “track” our movement.

All in the name to “protect” and “keep us safe”.

I am NOT anti-vaccine.  I do believe there are rare occasion where vaccine would be a life-saver.  However, there are too many reported cases that most vaccines cause more harm than good, especially on children.  To learn more, there is an excellent documentary series (free for episode 1): The Truth About Vaccines

Remember, the most important defense against disease is a strong immune system and a right heart with God.

Mr. Bill Gates, since his retirement from Microsoft, has been actively pushing a global vaccine agenda.  Recently, an Italian Politician Demand Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity :

I am posting the transcript here, just in case Goggle decides to censor any negative view on vaccines (yes, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have been doing that!)

Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing to their own freedom and granting it to a third party.

With this, you are going on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted Mass Media with Amuchina (a brand of disinfectant promoted by Mass Media) and NLP, with words like “regime”, “to allow” and “to permit”, to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings and certify our affects.

So, in this way, Phase 2 is nothing else than the persecution/continuation of Phase 1 – you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood people, for sure, don’t die for the virus alone. So people will be allowed to die and suffer, thanks to you and your laws, for misery and poverty. And, as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens. You take away our freedom and say that we looked for it. Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).

It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls’, with the help of the so-called “guarantor of their rights” and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse). In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push-scooter and a tablet. All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, whose main financier is the well-known “philanthropist and savior of the world” Bill Gates.

We all know it, now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the “Event 201”, together with Davos (Switzerland). For decades, Gates has been working on Depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy.

Gates said, I quote exactly from his speech:

“If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.

With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa. Gates caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500,000 children in India and still today with DTP, Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself. And he does the same with GMOs designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations. All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system. In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the USA.

On this table there is the entire Deep State in Italian sauce: Sanofi, together with GlaxoSmithKline are friends of the Ranieri Guerra, Ricciardi, and of the well-known virologist that we pay 2000 Euro every 10 minutes for the presentations on Rai (Italian state TV. She’s probably talking about Burioni). Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline sign agreements with medical societies to indoctrinate future doctors, making fun of their autonomy of judgment and their oath.

Hi-Tech multinationals, like the Roman Engineering which is friend of the noble Mantoan, or Bending Spoons, of Pisano, which are there for control and manage our personal health datas in agreement with the European Agenda ID2020 of electronic identification, which aims to use mass vaccination to obtain a digital platform of digital ID. This is a continuation of the transfer of data started by Renzi to IBM. Renzi, in 2016, gave a plus 30% to Gates Global Fund.

On the Deep State table there are the people of Aspen, like the Saxon Colao, who with his 4-pages reports, paid 800 Euros/hour, with no scientific review, dictates its politics as a Bilderberg general as he is, staying away from the battlefield. The list is long. Very long. In the list there is also Mediatronic, by Arcuri and many more.

The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be of 140 million Euros, of which 120 million Euros will be given to GAVI Alliance, the non-profit by Gates Foundation. They are just a part of the 7.4 billion Euro fund by the EU to find a vaccine against Coronavirus – vaccines which will be used as I said before.

No money, of course for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap. No money for prevention, a real prevention, which includes our lifestyles, our food and our relationship with the environment.

The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will. All this thanks to tricks/hoax disguised as political compromises. While you rip up the Nuremberg code with involuntary treatment, fines and deportation, facial recognition and intimidation, endorsed by dogmatic scientism – protected by our “Multi-President” of the Republic who is real cultural epidemic of this country.

We, with the people, will multiply the fires of resistance in a way that you won’t be able to repress all of us.

I ask you, President, to be the spokesperson and give an advice to our President Conte: Dear Mr. President Conte, next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this, tell us how we should define you, the “friend lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.

Thank you.

COVID-19 Reflection

It is now May and weather is getting warmer by the day.  The birds are out early in the morning.  Hares are running around.  Our cat are catching mice and chasing chipmunks.

The garlic we planted last fall have sprouted strong, sending green shoots taller every day.  My children planted some peas last week and they too, have sprouted.  Yet we are still under “lockdown” here in Ontario.

For the past few weeks, I have been enjoying working from home every day.  What a blessing to stay home with the family and avoid the traffic and time otherwise wasted on driving.  Selfishly I wish I can work from home forever, yet, I also know that during this unprecedented time many have lost their businesses and jobs.

For many families the lock down is more a struggle than blessing.  Domestic abuse against women and children has risen dramatically.  Suicide rate has gone up.  Protests and civil disobedience against government “shelter-in-home” policy increase by the day.  Not to mention the more “obscure” prevalence  of fear, boredom, disappointment, loneliness and depression felt by many.

Now, looking at the worldwide data provided by officials, the mortality rate of COVID-19 is not much higher than a seasonal flu.  Although it looks like it is contagious, yet I have read that current COVID-19 test is not accurate and could be misleading: Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

COVID-19 is nowhere close to the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu, in my opinion.  You can find actual footage on Twitter and Youtube where people have visited ER of hospitals in some “hot spots” area and found that they are empty!  I am not discounting the fact that there is a SARs-like flu, but the kill rate does not justify the stringent and draconian measures the government is imposing.

Yet, global economies, and subsequently the livelihood of millions have been shattered in just a few weeks.  30 millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefit.  I truly wonder, if there is an agenda, a conspiracy, to destroy the current financial system in order to usher in the final global one world government.

Where is personal freedom, liberty and privacy?  They are all thrown out the window when the government declares  a state of “emergency”.  You don’t even have 48 hours to prepare for the lock down.  (Again, I strive the importance of being prepared).

Can government just shut down your business without compensation?  Can government simply confine you in your own home, essentially a house arrest, for weeks?  Sure, the officials claim that all the measures are for your “protection” and the “greater good”.

I don’t believe for one second that at the highest of power, the elites care about us.  The government cares about its own survival and extend of power.  I vividly remember that in February our health officials repeatedly stressed that the chance of being infected was low and they had enough PPE on hand.

Shortly after that in March, the infection rate became high, most places had to be shut down and they don’t have enough PPE.  We were then educated by the government what is “essential” and “non-essential”.  That is absurd.  For a small business owner, his/her business IS ESSENTIAL.  For an employee, his/her job IS ESSENTIAL.  For a student, his/her education IS ESSENTIAL.

Although I am not a fan of Greta Thunberg, I would also like to shout to the elites: “How dare you?”

One can easily see that the elites are not wasting time to make use of the “pandemic” crisis to enforce martial law and surveillance.  Interesting read: Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Lock-Downs?

The fact of the matter is your immune system is what keeps you healthy.  Not the vaccines or drugs the government is trying to push down your throat.  Take control of your health and trust Jesus Christ.

(Luke 21:28) And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Are you prepared for what is coming?

Wow, the world has changed so much since the beginning of 2020. COVID-19 has dominated the headlines of every media outlet and a lot of countries have declared “state of emergency”. Every day my sons would ask me to check the Coronavirus Update for the most up to date numbers. Our lives have certainly been impacted by the outbreak, and I am sure it applies to everyone on earth.

At this moment, I am enjoying the opportunity to work from home everyday. For my family, it is another homeschooling day. However, other aspects of our lives have changed. Our church worship has moved to virtual. I wear a mask and gloves when I go grocery shopping. My family can hardly go outside and fellowship with other families. Swimming classes have been cancelled. Skating arena is closed. No more restaurants. Thankfully, we live in the country so at the minimum we still have some room to roam in the backyard.

During this crisis, we see people rushing to stock up toilet paper, water, sanitizer, wipes and food.  People with shrewd entrepreneurship foresee the demand, scoop up the products at local Costo and resell them online for a nice profit.  MSM would then label these people as “price gouger”.

Personally, I believe in free market which is much better than government interventionism and certainly far superior than socialism.  In a free market society, price is determined by supply and demand.  If a person acquires the product legally (either producing or purchasing wholesale) and resell them at a higher price, what is wrong with that?  ALL businesses generate profit by buying low and selling high.  

Think Costco.  Don’t they buy in bulk from suppliers at a very low price and resell them to its members (that is you and me)?  A free market system is the most efficient way of distributing goods to where it is most needed.  If a bottle of hand sanitizer now costs $50 rather than $5, a logical person should think twice before dishing out the dough.  Why do I need to pay so much?  Is there any alternative product or method to achieve the same goal?   In this case, it turns out that alcohol, vinegar and regular soap is almost as effective as the chemicals in the sanitizer bottle.

I do not blame those Amazon sellers.  They go through the hassle of paying upfront for pallets of wipes, repacking them, listing them online and shipping them.  If there are people willing to pay $50 for a bottle of hand sanitizer, then there is a market.  As long as nobody is forced at a gunpoint to buy or sell, I personally  believe no harm is done and government should not intervene.

What about price gouging of essentials like food staples?  It is definitely hard to swallow the feeling of the need to pay an arm or leg for a small bag of rice during a disaster/famine/war, but that is reality; and human history concurs. This brings me again to the topic of “prepping”.

I have been an advocate of preparing for any type of disasters for several years.  What is wrong with stocking up can food and toilet paper?  MSM is inoculating the public with the idea of “hoarding” equals “selfish”.  No.  Hoarding by means of legal and honest way is not selfish at all.  

In our society, each person has a fair chance to buy certain goods at any price in any amount.  It is prudent and smart to stock up when something that you need goes on sale.  It is plain common sense.  In the COVID-19 situation, these “hoarders” are actually doing everyone a favor:  since they have enough supplies, they don’t need to go out as often during lockdown to the stores.  Whereby, they have much less chance infecting others or being infected with the virus.  By stocking up beforehand, they are helping to “flatten the curve”.

Therefore, it is very important to have enough supplies for your family for at least 3 months.  Do not rely on the government.  Be responsible for yourself and your family. 

Listen: we are not spreading fear or panic by preparing.  If you know something bad and dangerous is coming and you prepare for it, you will have much less fear and panic when shtf. 

I have met and heard Christians saying we don’t have to prepare because we rely on God.  I totally agree that ultimately we are dependent on God’s provision every single moment.  And it is our faith, not food nor gold nor guns, that could sustain us through the tribulation.  However, to those who choose not to prepare, I would ask you this:

Do you save money in your banks for rainy days?

Do you purchase insurance against your automobile or home?

Do you purchase insurance against your business?

If you are a DIYer, do you keep extra hardware (screws, bolts, nuts, etc….) at home in case you run out?

Heck, even the government mandates that you purchase auto insurance if you drive and pay for employment insurance if you are employed (in Canada).

Therefore it is prudent and wise to prepare enough (3 months minimum) supplies for your family and some more to share during crisis.  Do everything in your power to stock up and then trust in the Lord for the rest, knowing that one can never be prepared 100% for every adverse situation.  

It is worth to read The Grasshoppers Are Swarming Mad That You Are Prepared For The Crash

I believe the COVID-19 is a rehearsal of what it would be like under one world government: The COVID World Order Is Coming

Governments all over the world are suspending personal freedom and implementing draconian lockdowns.  Businesses are forced to close within 48 hours of notice at the maximum.  Millions are unemployed overnight.  The government is now free to raise debt and rain helicopter money to everyone, thereby enslaving this and future generations by unlimited debt.

It is truly turbulent times that we live in.

The Lessons We Have Learned From The Coronavirus So Far

One of the website that I visit frequently is Alt Market, and I particularly like to read blog posts authored by Brandon Smith.  Besides sharing most of his viewpoints on financial and geopolitical issues, his style of writing is “down to earth” and succinct to the point.  He is able to summarize detailed observation on current events and give  accurate forecast  on future trends.

I have copied and pasted his recent article on what we can learn from Covid-19. Once again, it reminds us the importance of being self-sufficient and not trusting the government (in most cases).  Only in God the Almighty should you put your faith.

It is a bit long but worth a read.

Every disaster contains a lesson or a message that needs to be examined. Every tragedy, no matter how terrible, should be absorbed into the public consciousness and adopted as a cautionary tale; a part of our mythos. These events should not be cast into the memory hole to make life less stressful, they need to be taken seriously. Otherwise, the damage done and the lives lost are all for nothing.

Refusing to examine the dark side of life and its dangers has become a staple of our society, to the point that it has given birth to a kind of religious cult. Naive optimism has become a virtue, a misplaced form of faith that encourages people to remain oblivious in the face of adversity. And the more precarious our system becomes, the more these people see unicorns and rainbows. It is truly bizarre.

Some of us understand the mechanics of our economic, political and social machine and recognize that they are broken. The system cannot be fixed because it has been corrupted by people with evil intent (globalists); it is designed to fail. The agenda? To crash almost everything and then replace it with a centralized behemoth, a global empire. The intent is to force the masses to accept this “new world order” using a false choice – We can have chaos and death, or “order” through total Orwellian control. Peace, sovereignty and freedom are not offered as choices.

As Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘Hard Road To World Order’:

In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

The answer offered to every disaster is always more centralization, even if centralization was part of the problem from the beginning. The coronavirus pandemic event will be no different.

As was hinted at during Event 201, a coronavirus pandemic exercise run by Johns Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum only three months before a REAL coronavirus outbreak took place in China, the goal will be to use the event to create a central economic authority to distribute resources to “counter the virus”. You see, the elites never let a good crisis go to waste.

But this plan requires complicity and apathy among the public. It requires our consent in order to work. For if we continue to undermine and resist it the globalists will never feel safe and secure. Like a cancer, they will eventually have to be cut out and removed if the system is to ever be truly fixed.

The pandemic might be an opportunity for the elites, but it is also a learning experience for the rest of us, and it might even bring some clarity to issues that have been hotly debated for several years. But what are some of these lessons?

Lesson #1: The Prepper Movement Was Right All Along

Over the past decade I have seen some extremely odd responses to the prepper movement, including a lot of aggression and hostility not to mention numerous hit pieces and hatchet jobs in the media. What is it about individuals being prepared for a potential crisis that sends so many snowflakes into a meltdown? Why do they care?

If you think that survivalism is all “conspiracy” and “doom and gloom” then why not ignore it like you ignore everything else? If preppers were wrong, then nothing happens, and all we did is spend some of our money on supplies that we will use anyway over time. No harm no foul. Yet, the mainstream acts as if the preparedness mindset is a criminal action that damages the rest of society.

Of course, as we can see from the coronavirus event in China, preppers were right all along. Almost every single potential problem we have warned about and written about over the years is now plaguing the Chinese citizenry, and most of these problems could have been solved by prepared citizenry.

Over 600 million people in China are now under lockdown; essentially martial law. Supply lines are dwindling in some areas, food is limited, medical treatment is nonexistent for many. The people in quarantine are completely dependent on the government for their survival and that same government has been systematically dragging people out of their homes and forcing them into makeshift “hospitals” (prisons) where they are almost certain to become infected. If ever there was a scenario where prepping was called for, this is it.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard people argue that prepping is “pointless” and that all our concerns over a crisis event are “overblown”, but we are now facing a pandemic in modern times, not to mention possible economic collapse. The only argument these people can make now is that the virus “won’t spread to the West”, but that is an assumption based on blind faith rather than science or logic.  And even if it ends up being correct, what does it hurt to prepare anyway?

Lesson #2: Supply Lines Will Be Damaged Or Restricted

As noted above, preparedness is the first step to solving most problems, because most crisis events tend to result in similar consequences. In China, food and other goods are being rationed and supply lines in some areas are shut down completely. The only option is to have what you need BEFORE a breakdown occurs.

In the US, retailers are dependent on highly coordinated “just in time” freight networks that supply only what a store needs for normal shopping traffic for the week. In the wake of a calamity, stores will empty in a matter of a couple days. If freight lines are slowed down or cut off because travel is restricted due to viral outbreak, then what you have in your home is basically all you will have until the restrictions are lifted. After studying the history of plagues and pandemics, I would conclude that the average viral event will last at least 1 year, sometimes longer. The Spanish Flu of 1918 did not burn out in the US for two years.

Anyone who claims the coronavirus will be gone in a matter of a couple of months is probably lying, or is making ignorant assumptions. Prepare for the long haul if the pandemic hits US shores hard.

Lesson #3: Never Trust Government

All governments lie. They will claim they do this to “protect us from ourselves” and to “avoid panic”, but politicians and elites do not care about this. They do not lie to protect society, they lie to maintain power and control, and sometimes, they lie because they want to keep the public docile and vulnerable. For, the more inactive and vulnerable we are, the more dependent we will all be on them when disaster strikes.

The viral outbreak in China has thoroughly illustrated why governments cannot be trusted. China has consistently lied about the infection and death rate surrounding the coronavirus. Numerous health officials in China have leaked information indicating the threat is FAR larger than the government admits. Some of these brave people been punished or have died in the process of trying to warn the rest of the world.

Currently, China is claiming a minimal and slowing infection rate, but on the Japanese cruise ship Diamond Princess, we have a large scale example of the coronavirus in action.  The 3700 passengers of the Diamond Princess are being slowly tested for the virus, and authorities have found at least 175 people infected out of 490 tested so far.  That’s an infection rate of at least 35%!  Some people may argue that a cruise ship is close quarters and so the infection rate would be higher, but your average Chinese city is also very close quarters.  The data coming from the Diamond Princess suggests that the Chinese are lying extensively about the scale of the outbreak.

With hospitals completely overwhelmed by a 30% to 35% infection rate, the quality of care would collapse and many people would die.

The Chinese government has resorted to censorship and threats in order to keep the citizenry quiet. This includes punishing people who are accused of “posting rumors” about the true extent of the damage caused by the virus and the threats have been specifically directed at medical staff that are the closest witnesses to the outbreak. The overall purpose of the lockdown appears to be an attempt to suppress the real infection rate and death rate.  The mass quarantine itself allows the government to streamline the cover-up; they can more easily imprison the sick and then dispose of their bodies with less public observation, and they never have to report the real death statistics.

If the government has nothing to hide, then why try to restrict all information coming from professionals on the ground? They claim they want “transparency” after the debacle that was their response to the SARS outbreak in 2003, but obviously this is not true.

Do not think for one second that this would not happen here in the US or in Europe either. We have already heard Donald Trump dismiss the virus threat on multiple occasions, and if it does strike here, do not be surprised if Trump’s response is as draconian as China’s. To understand why, read my article ‘Trump Cannot Be Anti-Globalist While Working With Global Elites’.

Lesson #4: Expect The Virus To Eventually Arrive In Your Country

In the US, the argument from the apathetic crowd is that we only have 12 cases, so what is there to worry about? I would remind those folks that the ONLY people that have actually been tested for coronavirus in the US are people that have arrived specifically from China in the past few weeks, who are showing symptoms and who voluntarily bring up this fact to health officials.

This means that people who come from Singapore, Thailand or any other nation in Asia that has also been exposed to the virus have likely not been tested at all. With a dormancy period of two weeks (and according to some studies up to 24 DAYS), the coronavirus has no symptoms yet it can still be highly contagious.

I would also point out that hospitals nationwide have been given a very limited supply of coronavirus tests (only 200 tests nationwide), some of which have been proven faulty, so, if the outbreak becomes prominent, they won’t be able to give an accurate number of infection cases anyway.

We are in the early stages of this pandemic. I definitely would not give the all clear yet. Unless the US government plans to shut down ALL flights into the US right now, there is no way to prevent the outbreak from coming here in the long run.

Lesson #5: Enforced Quarantine Is Not Necessarily For Your Benefit

As I noted in my article ‘How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda’, there are many times in which the establishment creates crisis events deliberately, or, they exploit natural crisis events to further their agenda. In the midst of a viral outbreak, most people given the proper information and warning would prepare.  They would stock supplies and self isolate (or group isolate if they are organized) until the infection burns out. But this is not what the establishment wants. They do not want people who are independent and self reliant during a disaster; they want people that are completely unprepared and dependent.

This is why they will continue to lie about the extent of the danger until it is too late. This is why it took the UN’s World Health Organization at least two months of the coronavirus spreading through China before they finally admitted there might be a crisis in the making. And, this why forced quarantine will be used to push people out of their homes and into centralized areas where they will be more susceptible to infection, not less.

Take the example in China to heart, because it may be exactly what we face in the near future. The point being – If you and your neighborhood or community already have a plan in place to survive an outbreak, do not allow government to interfere with it, because your chances of getting sick or dead grow with every moment of government involvement. Remember, these are the same people that tried to keep you in the dark about the danger; they are not to be relied upon or cooperated with.

Lesson #6: Expect Martial Law

If a viral outbreak spreads through the west, do not be surprised if martial law measures are implemented. If you live in a major city and you see or hear about checkpoints being set up, get out immediately. As we’ve seen in China, once the walls are put up you will not be able to get out.

Rural areas are less likely to be effectively locked down by authorities because it would require too many personnel to achieve this. Major population centers on the other hand will be easily cut off.

There is a question here of how to respond. Should Americans go along with martial law? Would it be for the “greater good”? I am highly skeptical. Like I said, all governments lie and they lie to control, not to help. If martial law measures are interfering with an effective quarantine that individuals or communities have already put in place, and if the government is putting you at risk, then you might have to fight back.

At least in the US we have the means to do this if necessary. You will not be seeing many people dragged from their homes as easily as they are in China right now. Frankly, if I was a CDC or FEMA employee trying to force people into centralized quarantine I would fear for my life as last I checked those hazmat suits are not bullet proof.

Hopefully, we will get lucky, this will not be the case and the coronavirus stays primarily overseas. If it doesn’t, though, then expect that everything that is happening in China today will happen here tomorrow.


Coronavirus Pandemic

I am sure by now that the most news that you care about for the past week is about the spreading coronavirus pandemic in China and the rest of the world.  Being a Chinese, it is needless to say that I am very much concerned.  There is a large population of  ethical Chinese living in Greater Toronto Area and I attend a Chinese church composed of 90% mainland Chinese Christians.

All of a sudden, as the number of confirmed cases and death roll rise, the feeling of being infected and die never feel so real.  Of course, it doesn’t help with the fact that many Chinese had already escaped to different countries before WHO has declared a public health emergency and airlines have suspended flight to and from China.

There are certain aspects of this virus that I want to share with the readers.

  1. Is it possible that this coronavirus is a man-made biological weapon that was accidentally leaked or sabotaged?

I admit that some Chinese have unusual eating habits that I can never fathom.  The official story states that the virus was first appeared from bats (as in bat soup) in a wet market in Wuhan, China.  However, I know that Chinese have been eating all kinds of wild creatures for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Why now?

There are reports from several news outlets (banished from mainstream media) stating that this virus was developed in a level-4 biohazard lab in Wuhan:

Personally I think there is a high probability that this virus was designed as a bio-weapon.  Why would the government quarantine 50 million people in 16 cities during the most important Chinese festival (Chinese New Year).  If this is just some slightly contagious seasonal flu that has killed 300 so far (I don’t trust this number), why implement extreme measures?

I think the Chinese officials knew very well that this is a killer virus designed by their own scientists.  The high incubation period and the ability to infect other people without the carrier showing any symptoms is not normal.  Chinese government is most concern about its economy in order to stay in control; and now they are willing to shut down the factories, transit and commerce?  They know that the seriousness of disastrous damage this virus could inflict on the whole nation if it cannot be contained (sadly it might be too late at this stage).

2.  Masks are mostly sold out everywhere, including GTA.

I cannot believe my eyes when I went online on Jan 25.  Every store, including Home Depot, Lowes, Homehardware, CanadianTire, Walmart, had 0 N95 respirators(in pack) in stock. Yes, you can still buy individual masks but you would have to pay a lot more.

Sellers have been charging 5x or 10x more for N95 masks on Amazon.  People in Hong Kong were hording masks, sanitizes, rice and cup noodles.  I tried to buy some N95 masks but the seller refunded my order citing that it was out of stock.

If you don’t have any disposable N95 masks, try 3M 6000 or 7000 half-face respirator or the more expensive full-face respirator 3M 6800 (which I have, it is excellent).  Remember:  you still need to purchase proper filter for them.  You can still buy them but be prepared to spend at least $30 to $100 each.

3.   So what to do now?

  • Watch Dr.  Martenson talking about the virus here.
  • Be extra careful about personal hygiene.  Don’t touch your eyes before washing your hands.  Wear a suitable mask if you are in a crowd.  Try to stay home as much as possible.
  • Store medical supplies, essential oils, vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system.
  • Store water and food.  Imagine that the same quarantine measures in China coming to your nearest neighbourhood.  It is 100% possible.  Then you will be totally dependent on the government.  Don’t wait, be prepared yourself for your family’s sake.
  • Pray.  This is no joke.  All throughout my website whenever I talk about “prepping”, I stress the ultimate importance of trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  We are just temporary residents on this earth.  Our eternal home is with God in new Jerusalem.  We don’t have to fear if it is our time to leave this world.

Let me share these verses as comfort:

Psalms 91
1) He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2) I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
3) Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4) He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5) Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
6) Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

May God protect you in this turbulent times.


Hong Kong Protest

Most of the readers who follow headlines in the news would know that the protest in Hong Kong has stepped in its fourth month with no ending in sight.

I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Taiwan until I was 5 and spent my younger part of my life (11 years) in Hong Kong until I immigrated to Canada with my parents at the age of 16.  I consider myself Canadian Chinese and not “Hong Kongers”.  Although I have no intention of going back to Hong Kong because I enjoy Canada’s rural scenery more than the hectic city life, I am somewhat saddened by the chaos, violence and sharp disparity Hong Kong citizens have suffered.

Since I have not been living in Hong Kong for 26 years, I am least qualified to speak for people who live in Hong Kong.  However, I am still concern with the well being of “Hong Kongers” because I still have relatives and friends living in HK.  And I am still thankful for the tiny piece of land where I spent my youthful years.

First of all, I am a Christian, a Chinese and a Canadian, in that order.  I love China, but I do not support the People’s Communist government currently in power.  People often confused about the idea that loving a country means loving the government.  Nothing is far from reality.  I love Canada and will defend her with all cost, but I do not support the current Liberal government at all.

There is nothing good about Marxism and I will go as far to say that the core idea of communism is evil and anti-God.  From history, we can see that nations that adopted some form of capitalism were the most prosperous (i.e. US, Europe).  That does not mean that there were no crimes or social issues in these nations; however, comparing with nations that were under Islamic and communistic rules (e.g. Soviet Union), people generally enjoy more freedom and substance in a capitalistic society.

In June and July, there were 2 occasions of million-people march against the HK Extradition Bill (now withdrawed).  The protest was mostly peaceful and I fully support the rights of citizens to peacefully protest against any bills they deem harmful.  However, violence soon erupted across the city.  Crowd (mostly young people) started to vandalize, attack police, shutdown traffic with barricades, commit arson, etc…  Almost everyday there are pockets of violence where tear gas, rubber bullets, bricks, umbrellas and sharp objects would fly around on streets.  Families are torn apart where parents would beg their youngsters to stay home while the hot blooded young men and women would put on their masks and helmets, grab their umbrellas and start another day of protest and fight with police.

I have seen many video clips where older citizens would argue and reason with younger generation to stop the violence and let the general public go back to normal living.  Of course, police resort to force in order to restore order and there are cases of unnecessary violence on their part as well.  Nevertheless, I think Hong Kong police have shown great restraint when facing the violent mob.

Yes, I used the word “mob” to describe this small percentage of  unruly young people who openly attack police and insult seniors.

One thing that really puzzles me is why are the US and UK flags being waved?  Why do some people think that there is democracy in the Western world?

If the same violence and protest has taken place in US, it would be quelled within a week with mass casualties.  Police are brutal in US.  In most cases, they would shoot to kill before asking questions.  Most police departments have been militarized to the point where military weapons are standard issue to the SWAT teams.

If you dare to throw a sharp stick or push a burning shopping cart towards the police in US, they will fire upon you instantly and legally.  The police officer has every right to protect himself when his life is in danger.  This should apply to HK police as well.   It is not a matter of whether the mob carry firearms.  A good number of people killed by US police are unarmed and pose no harm to the police.  Simply go to youtube and look for yourself.

Have we seen a single case where a HK police officer fire upon the “mob” when they are attacked and cornered?  I pray that this would never happen.

Could there be foreign powers inciting and instigating the riot and violence?  Most probably.  Where else would the mob get the funding for the endless masks, helmets, umbrellas etc…..  Who can afford to go on the street every day and smash everything in your sight?  A young person without a job is an easy target.

Now after 4 months of chaos, HK GDP is sharply lower.  Police are over-stressed.  Normal living of the general public is greatly disrupted.  Stores have to be closed.  Hotels are emptied.  Subway stations are full of broken glasses.  Transit and airport has to be shutdown periodically.  Hong Kong is no longer the attractive “Pearl of the East” for tourism.  Several countries have issued “travel advisory” against HK, including Canada.

Even though some HK people do not want to be governed under China’s communist ruling part, the fact remains that HK is part of China.  The prosperity that HK enjoys since 1980s was very much due to the “market economy reform” designed by Deng Xiaoping.  The West wanted the cheap labor force from mainland China (and HK to some extent) while China needed the capitals for setting up factories and superior technologies from the West.  Hong Kong, being closest to mainland China and protected by a Western judiciary system thanks to the former British colonial government, became the perfect “middleman”.

As China continued to open up to the world with more Western corporations conducting business directly within mainland China, the importance of HK as the “gate to China” dwindles continuously.

While  technically HK is still under “one country, 2 systems” policy, it will be under “one country, 1 system” in year 2047.  What then?  Unless HK completely breaks off from China and becomes an independent nation like Singapore, her fate is sealed.  Is US going to foster HK as her overseas state in order to encircle China?  May be.

But look at Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.  These countries have an on-going treaty with US whereas US would protect them from communist China.  However, we can witnessed the economical bullying these Asian countries suffered in the hands of “big brother” US.  They have to pay large amount of money to US every year in exchange for the military protection, in addition, they have to purchase old military equipment (e.g. aged F-16 jets) from US.

I can feel the agony HK people are facing and I do not have a good solution but I know that we need to avoid blood and violence on the streets.  It is a tough question when or should we pick up arms and overturn a tyrannical government (think American Revolution against British).

As for myself, I am just an alien on this earth and my eternal home is in the Celestial city with everlasting God.