Consequences when TV is allowed in the Home

  1. It establishes the practice of tolerating evil to enjoy some good.  We as Christians should know that most TV programs and movies are anit-Christian and full of humanism ideas.  Proverbs 8:13 “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil …”
  2. Its amusement format lowers their resistance to evil.  A lot of time populr TV programs mock Christianity in humorous way that would gradually erode our faith.
  3. It provides constant access to the world’s system and its false concepts.
  4. It deadens our children’s consciences by introducing them to new lows of immorality.  If you compare the moral standard of today’s commercial advertisement and movies from 50 years ago, woudl you say they are better or worse?  Much much worse!  Violence, sexual and lustful scenes, materialism and homosexuality are widely accepted.  Why?  The mass media promotes these agenda everyday and if you allow yourself and your children to watch TV, sooner or later your standard will follow suit.  Matthew 24:12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
  5. It allows them to relate to evil individuals whom you would otherwise never allow into your home.  Would you allow a child molester, or an evolutionist, or a dope-head to come near your children?  There would be occasions where you would invite unbelievers into your home so you can witness Jesus Christ to them, however, I am sure you will guard your door when you know evildoers try to invade.  If so, why would you allow them into your home through TV and movies?
  6. It devous one of your most precious resources —- time.  I know a family who watch cartoon programs every night with their children.  They think they are having a good family time.  However, I can hardly agree on that.  Watching the tube together doesn’t mean communication among the parents and children.  I would recommend the parents DO something together, like craft, reading, playin games……
  7. It stifles creativity by deadening their responses to conscience and to Scripture.
  8. It ultimately makes them enemies of God.  Because of the anti-Christian, humanistic and secular nature of many TV programs and Hollywood movies, if you allow your family to watch them constantly, you will be brainwashed into believing some of the ideas presented.  James 4:4 “…Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?  Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

We still have a TV at home.  We understand that there will be occasions when we will need to play some seminars videos on it.  However, we have never subsrcibed to any TV channels.  We have watched Hollywood movies before but we have avoided them lately.  We do watch some “educational” programs (they are given by grandparents) with our kids together but we only allow them to watch these programs 30 mins every month or two.  They just love to watch TV so much and if we as parents do not stop them, I think they can just sit there for an hour without moving!

Adults, ask yourself how much time you spend on TV?  What would you do if you drop those movies and channels.  I would not suggest you to throw your TV out but I would strongly recommend you to limit the time on it.  Unsubscribe those channels and save some money.  Get rid of the secular movies.  Listen to the radio for news.  Read your Bible more.  Play with your kids and go out for a walk.  The same applies to computer games or XBox or Play Station.

One thing to remember:  if your children are already addicted to the TV, limiting their access to it is not enough.  You have to provide something better as replacement.  Tell them you are going to build something with them, tell them you are going to play balls with them and tell them you will not watch TV as well. After a while, they will forget those TV programs.  You can do it!

*Most of the material above is taken from Basic Life Seminar published by Insitute of Basic Life Principles.

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