First Snow Storm

We just had our first snow storm and winter has not officially arrived yet.
Thank God that we had a snow thrower and it does speed things up.
Our garage ceiling is leaking water and don’t know if it is condensation or roof leaking. Hopefully the contractor can fix it soon.
The water for chicken is frozen everyday and I really wonder if I should turn on the heat, but the chickens look fine and still laying.
Sometimes I don’t know if I have made the correct move to a farm because of so much trouble. Machines break down, water pump needs replacing, long driveway to shovel snow. Not to mention the time to cut grass and gardening in spring to fall. I feel overwhelmed that it seems like I am the only person doing everything (outside). So I think we should wait upon the Lord to give us the right time to move, especially when we still have debt for living here. Maybe His will is for us to stay in city for a while until we can afford to be debt free. And after moving to the farm, initially I thought “This is it, this is a dream comes true.” But then, after 1 year living here, because of lack of knowledge in farming, carpentary, mechanics, etc…. I am so tired. I asked myself, did I make the right move?
I believe God has put into my heart to move to the country. But maybe later, maybe when my girls are older. But most importantly, when a problem came up, I did not pray about it and asked God for help and direction. I just simply looked up books, asked neighbours, searched the Internet. It is time that I focus back to God and ask Him:
I did not wait upon you and made the move, and now I am tired and burnt out. Please forgive me.
Please show me your will and ways to glorify you. If it is your will for us to stay here at the farm, help me to cope with difficulties. If it is your will for us to move, let us know. Please help us to repay the mortage as soon as possible.

You see, I believe if I have a content heart and focus back to God, those problems will be much easier to handle because God will be with me there. And I will thank Him for the opportunity to learn.

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