Amazing Salve

Amazing SalveA Soothing and Healing Salve


$12 CAD / 2 oz

Great for cracked or dry skin and lip, minor cuts and wounds, rashes, insect bites, diaper rash…etc. Naturally safe for babies, children, or just anyone! Help to soothe, fight bacteria, and heal. Can be applied generously as frequently as you like!



Comfrey Leaf – a contact healer, relieve pain & mend wounds, speed healing

Calendula – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, promotes healing and regeneration of the skin, good for dry and damaged skin

Plantain Leaf – relieve pain, stop itching & bleeding, reduce inflammation, kill infection

Chickweed – soothe skin irritations and rashes, good for cuts, wounds & itching, stimulate healing, reduce swelling

Yarrow Flower – shrink inflamed tissues, stop bleeding, smooth muscle spasms

Burdock Root – effective for itching, helps heal skin tissue, anti-bacterial

Propolis – natural antibiotic, fight bacteria, virus and fungi, speed healing

Beeswax – retain moisture, relieve itching, heal wounds

Extra virgin Pure Olive Oil –contain natural antioxidants to fight aging, retain moisture, soothe inflammation

Grapefruit Seed Extract –natural antibiotic, a good skin disinfectant, stop infection

*The above information is for educational purpose only

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