Good and Evil – Full Colour

GoodandEvilby Michael Pearl

Sacrifice. War. Temptation. Betrayal. Hope. Redemption.

Before there was a beginning; before the first man was created; before the earth, the sun, the stars, even before light and time were created, there was God.

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Introduction (from the book)
This book is the product of seven years. It began as the answer to a need. The greatest endeavor on the earth is to take the message of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard. Michael and Debi Pearl, founders and directors of No Greater Joy Ministries, have participated in and supported missionaries for over forty years. When their daughter Rebekah was a missionary to a primitive tribe on a remote mountain in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, they sought to acquire simple Bible story art that could be translated into the language of the Kumboi tribe. Art was available, but it was either poorly done or expensive to purchase. So Michael put out an APB for a first class professional artist.

Several years earlier, Danny Bulanadi, an artist for Marvel Comics, heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian. He was not comfortable with the work he was doing and so quit to become a night watchman in San Francisco. Danny and Michael got together and developed a plan. Michael, somewhat of an artist himself, wrote the script and did rough sketches of each frame, and then turned them over to Danny. Danny developed it into the best-drawn Bible comic of all times. It was a long tedious process of sometimes drawing and redrawing. The finished ink drawings were then put into the computer and Clint Cearley did the shading in Photoshop. Next came the addition of balloons and text, another time-consuming process. Finally the editing and proofing.

It was our intention from the beginning that the art not look like the typical religious art. We wanted the traditional comic that is so familiar all over the world. We have created a product that will sell itself on any roadside stand in Thailand or India. It will find acceptance in countries otherwise closed to Christians. A box of them can be given to a Moslem or Hindu vendor, and he will put them on his stand for sale. They will go where no Bible is allowed, but they will carry the same message.

You will not find the story of David and Goliath or of Daniel in the Lions’ den. It is impossible to cover the entire Bible in just three hundred pages. But the stories are not arbitrarily chosen. This is a chronological presentation of the Bible message, providing just that Old Testament background that is pertinent to one’s understanding of who Jehovah God is and of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As this first printing goes to press, the text is already being translated into over 11 languages. Proceeds from the sale of this book in English make it possible for us to provide it free to missionaries in many foreign languages.


Readers’ Reviews:

Dear Mike & Debi Pearl,
Your new book, “Good and Evil,” has been such a blessing to us. We read it everyday and we cannot put it down. It has been a huge blessing to my husband in helping him understand the Bible. My husband was not raised in a Christian home, (I was) and his understanding of the Bible is very limited. He’s always struggled to understand the messages in church, and I tried hard to explain the doctrines to him. Well, this book has really opened his eyes. He loves it and reads it all the time. It has greatly improved his ability to understand the Bible as a whole and the gospel message. I can see changes and improvements in his whole character and he is starting to become the spiritual leader that God intended him to be. I have many of your other books, too, and they are a huge help. We are training our soon to be three-year-old according to the principles and guidelines in your “Train Up A Child” book. May God bless you in your endeavors and may your ministry continue to reach a lost world. Thank you.
— Carol

I MUST TELL YOU HOW GREAT AN IMPACT your book Good and Evil is already having in my home town! I bought a case of them, giving one to each child in our small church and each relative on my gift list. I am already getting calls and comments on what a wonderful book it is and how my nephews and the children at church can’t seem to put it down! I am excited to see this book be part of a revival in our church youth. I know Good and Evil will point them in the direction of good and to turn from the evil that is so prevalent in this world. My own children are also enjoying it, and we are going to read through it in our homeschool too. I am excited toa lso see my nephews who do not know the Lord learn so much about their heavenly Father. May many be saved through this wonderful resource. I hope to order another case soon and keep them in our van and hand them out as the Lord prompts me to.
— Janelle

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