The Full Quiver : Family Planning and the Lordship of Christ

FullQuiverby Rick & Jan Hess

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Forward by Mary Pride (from the book)I am pleased, proud, happy, and delighted to introduce this wonderful book by Rich and Jan Hess!  Ever since the day I got a phone call from a total stranger named Rich Hess who wanted to tell me about the new book he and Jan had written, I have been eagerly anticipating the day A Full Quiver would come out. I promise you, this is not just another Christian book!  “Life-changing” and “exciting” about sum it up — as do”Biblical,” “refreshing,” and even”entertaining.”  Nothing slays the dragons of doubt and depression like a good dose of laughter.  And what could be more contagious than the Hess’s faith and joy — especially when applied to an issue that we usually think of with worry and fear for the future? Rick and Jan remind us that we can trust God to plan our lives for us better than we can ourselves.  Nothing novel here — but the application of this truth to family planning and their Biblical teaching on the blessing of children produce some surprises! I don’t endorse this book lightly.  For one thing, I have been living it for the past thirteen years, before Rick and Jan even wrote it!  From our experience and the experience of thousands of families that have written to us, my husband Bill and I can confidently assert that the fruit of this teaching is good.  Those who don’t try it may knock it, but those who are willing to work at being good stewards of those blessings know better! A Full Quiver may not bring revival all by itself (although who am I to limit God by saying it won’t?), but it sure as shootin’ will dispel a lot of the clammy fog that is crippling the church’s evangelistic and discipling efforts in our generation. What an effect this book could have on our churches, communities, social institutions, and families! Every Christian couple — and I mean you — will be blessed when we all finally rediscover the long-dormant principles outlined in this book.

Yours truly,
Mary Pride



1. “We Just Love Our Kids” or Do We?
2. Where Do Babies Come From?
3. For God So Loves the … Kids!
4. Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner
5. The Tribe of the Ablessites
6. The Infamous “Twenty Questions”

    • Shouldn’t I practice birth control due to overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, and food shortage?
    • But all the Christians I know use birth control!
    • Do you know how much it costs to raise a child these days?
    • Oh Rick and Jan, I go crazy with the kids I have now! You don’t know what it would do to me to have…who knows how many more?
    • What will strangers think when they see us with a large family?
    • What will my family and friends think?
    • If I have unlimited children, how will I ever have a career?
    • You go to the doctor when you have an illness, don’t you? Why not use medical expertise in this area? What’s the difference?
    • Aren’t we supposed to use common sense in this area of living?
    • What about the rhythm method?
    • My doctor told me not to have any more children. Shouldn’t I do what he says?
    • What if my doctor has told me that I’m too old to safely have any more children?
    • No, I’m serious. I have major health problems which will kill me if I have another child.

and more…………………..

7. Sterilization and Reversals
8. A Word to Singles
9. A Word to Husbands
10. A Word to Wives
11. Showers of Blessing
Appendix A: Head or Tails — God or Probability?
Appendix B: Survey of Christian Attitudes Towards Family Size
Appendix C: Discussion Leader’s Guide About the Authors

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