To Train Up A Child

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    This book is not about discipline, nor problem children.  The emphasis is on the training of  a child before the need to discipline arises.  It is apparent that, though they expect obedience, most parents never attempt to train their child to obey.  They wait until his behavior becomes unbearable and then explode.  With proper training, discipline can be reduced to 5 % of what many now practice.  As you come to understand the difference between training and discipline, you will have a renewed vision for your family–no more raised voices, no contention, no bad attitudes, fewer spankings, a cheerful atmosphere in the home, and total obedience from your children.

    Any parent with an emotional maturity level higher than the average thirteen-year-old can, with a proper vision and knowledge of the technique, have happy obedient children.  This is not a theory;  it is a practical reality that has been successfully applied many times over.

One couple we know was stressed out with the conflict of their three young children.  After spending the weekend with us and hearing some of these principles, they changed their tactics.  One week later, they exclaimed, “I can’t believe it; we went to a friend’s house, and when I told my children to do something, they immediately, without question, obeyed.”

These truths are not new, deep insights from professional world of research, but rather, the same principles the Amish use to train their stubborn mules, the same techniques God uses to train His children.  These principles are profoundly simple and extremely obvious.  After examining them with us, you will say, “I knew that all along.  Where have I been?  It’s so obvious.”


Readers’ Reviews :

Dear Michael and Debi,
I just want to thank you for your publications. I am a 23 year-old mom of a 2 year-old son, Ezekiel. My friend loaned to me To Train Up a Child and Volumes 1, 2, &3 NGJ. My life has been changed forever. My husband and I have a great love for Scripture but have not been concerned with training our son. My son hit two and KABAM something happened. He was throwing fits in the store, library, park, etc. I was going nuts! After reading your books, lights flashed on in the dusty corners of my brain exposing an old weaker side of myself that was subconsciously refusing to discipline my son because of my own childhood abuse. It was heartrending. I immediately repented and asked the Father for strength to nurture my son through a healthy structured childhood with appropriate training. He is a different boy. I get to brag on how good he is, and friends, relatives, and sometimes strangers are amazed with his behavior. A greater blessing, I could not ask for. I know this sounds like a flyer advertising your books but it is just my true experience. It comes to me as truth from the Father, His blessings to me to make our family fruitful in our life with Him.
Thank you,  The L


Dear Mike & Debi,
I wanted to burn your books the first time I read it! I was furious because you told me to switch my dear children. How dare that man, I foolishly thought, to say my children needed a switch across their backside! Well, the Lord gently told me to read it again and to open my heart. As I did, I came under conviction. What I first saw as cruel and foolish now became loving and wise. Your books and tapes are now my favorites.

I now have 3 children, Keith is 8, Kellie is almost 5, and Kaleena is 19 months. The eight-year-old is rarely chastened. The five-year-old was my “Loving Guidance” child. She has been the hardest because I was so permissive with her. The 19-month-old has been trained since day one. She is not there yet, but has a great advantage over her brothers and sister.

Most of the problems I have with my children are not really them but me. I am the one who needs the training, or should I say retraining. I wish I had read your books years ago or had someone sit me down and say, “This is how you do it.”

Even though we got a late start, the Lord is helping me and changing my life so my children will have joy and contentment in their lives. — A Mother in Training


Dear Michael and Debi,
Two weeks ago while vacationing in west central Minnesota we attended church in the small town of Wolverton. A couple and their seven children were a few rows ahead of us.
I must admit I was slightly distracted during the sermon as I pondered the phenomenon unfolding before me, for throughout the service there was not a sound out of the children. There was some normal movement but nothing noisy or in any way bothersome. Occasionally a parent would glance over the row or make eye contact with a child, with a pleasant look, or with the touch of a gentle hand on a small one’s head or arm. It was beautiful to watch. At the end of the service I introduced myself to the father and complimented him on his remarkably behaved children. He thanked me and said what a joy the children were to him. When I asked he said, “Well, actually we came across a book a couple years ago called To Train Up A Child by the Pearls.” I should have known! My niece had bought a copy for me last fall and I was very impressed with it too. The father went on to say that before they used the Pearl’s method their children were “wild”. Now he said the kids are so much happier and more content than before. The ages of the children were from under 1 to 15 years with 5 of them being under 6 years of age! And the whole family had just returned from a month’s vacation traveling and camping, and it was pleasant and peaceful–even the days that were mostly spent driving all day in their van. Isn’t that refreshing? I was so blessed, and knew you’d like to hear this story too.
Sincerely, Elisabeth


Dear Michael and Debi Pearl,
I praise God for your ministry! The Lord has blessed us with 5 children in our seven years of marriage. Our oldest child is 6 years old. “To Train Up A Child” has literally transformed our home from chaos to harmony and has changed me and my children completely. Where I used to wake up discouraged, overwhelmed and often times depressed, I am now able to approach my days with confidence and strength and a smile. Where my children used to be insecure and disobedient, they are now confident and obedient. I am so refreshed by your straight-up talk of responsibility of parents to change and address the sin in their lives, thus being able to love and train their children with a godly perspective (rather than selfish). There has always been something between me and my oldest son I couldn’t put my finger on – the section on “tying strings” was my answer. I am so thankful to be enjoying my precious children instead of merely trying to “keep up” with my life. Thank you again and again for sharing the wisdom and vision God has given you in child rearing.
Sincerely, A.C.


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