Building Firewood Shed

I have been storing firewood under tarps for many years and it always bothers me when I have to replace the tarps every year because of tear from wind/UV.  It is also quite inconvenient to retrieve firewood logs under the tarp in the cold winter.  Nevertheless, it is cheap and affordable.

This year, I decided to build a proper firewood shed after other chores have been taken care of.  To save money (yeah, call me cheap), I am going to use free pallets as base and scrap boards as sides.  I still have to purchase some gravels for the concrete slabs, 2x4s for studs and rafters, OSB boards for sheathing and shingles.

To house 2 bush cords of firewood, the shed is going to be 10 ft long by 6ft wide and 6ft tall (at the highest).  The tedious part of the project, if you have ever build any sheds, is to prepare the foundation as best as you can.  It took me 2 days to cut the slabs, dig holes, fill in the gravels and level them properly.

Within a week, with help from the children, the shed is finished!

Using slabs and gravels as foundation.
The pallet is placed on the slabs.
Studs.  All 2x4s
Side View
Rafters and sheathings.
Under the roof
Marking chalk lines on top of the sheathing.
Nailing shingles by hand is a pretty tiring job.
Putting up side boards from scrap fences.
Firewood delivery.
My wonderful children who help me build the shed and piling the firewood.  They are super fast!!

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