Melody’s Update

Praise God for making Melody better. Her eczema/allergy is not fully healed yet, however, it has been improved greatly. We do not have to tie her hands for most of the nights now. In addition, she is very active and happy most of the time she is awake. She likes to stand, which is good for walking. Kay has been eating some apple and banana and it seems Melody can take it.
It has been a tough whole year since she has the eczema. We don’t get enough sleep at night. We have to constantly hold her the whole night. Someone has to watch her during day time. Some homeschooling subjects need to be pushed back/delayed. Kay missed several Sunday worships because Melody’s eczema was too bad. However, these were not the toughest part. The most challenging part is the criticism and comment from relatives and friends. Almost every person who sees Meldoy questions why we don’t bring her to the doctor. Why don’t we give her the chemical cream from drug store? It seems like we are doing nothing and we don’t care for Melody.
How I wish that they can see the struggle we have during the numerous day and night, taking care of her. How I wish that they go through huge amount of research Kay has done in boosting Melody’s immune system. How I wish that they see the tears from the whole family when Melody suffers. Thank God that Kay and I stick together on our goal to give only natural treatment to Melody. We turned down sincere offers from well meaning friends to give her steroid cream, knowing it would further weaken her body. Anyway, there is hope if we have faith in the Lord. And although God did not heal Melody sooner, we believe He is teaching us a lesson here.
We have learned to pray, laugh, feel sorrow, look after Melody together as a family. Everyone in our family gains the credit of helping Melody to get better. Above all, we know many brothers and sisters in faith have been praying for us consistently and we are sincerely grateful for your prayer. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16) Please continue to pray for total healing of Melody.

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