Single Income household – is it possible?

Recently I have purchased a book named “Money issues for Christians Today” by David L. Martin, published by Rod and Staff Publishers. This is a very practical book in helping Christians today how to deal with money in a biblical way. It touches areas like economics, investing, earning and borrowing. This book challenges me how to be a better steward of money that God has entrusted me. We are called to be a steward for whatever God gives us in life: wealth, children, possession, church …
I have copied the topic “Single-household income” onto our webiste. You can view it here. Since day 1 of our marriage, we have been living solely on my salary. And now we have 8 people in the household, me being unemployed, the money has never been tighter. However, God has always been faithful to us that each month we have just enough for food and raiment. Granted that my parents had helped me financially in the past, we also strive to live simply. I challenge Christian readers to rethink the secular household model where both the father and mother HAVE to work.
It is no doubt that in order to rely on one income, a family has to give up many things: expensive travel, extra-curriculum programs for children, flat-screen TV, double vehicles….this list goes on and on. We have to ask ourselves constantly, “Do we really need this?” Of course, if you can afford that nice stainless steel fridge without stretching the family finance (meaning you are not in debt and you have offered to the Lord first), then go ahead. However, a good used white fridge from kijiji will serve the same purpose (we found a 6-year-old GE fridge for $150).
We have made many mistakes in the past. For example, we were pursuaded by my parents to purchase a house rather than renting. I don’t agree that buying a 300,000 house and end up paying 400,000 in mortgage interest a wise investment. We simply cannot assume house prices will always go up and we can sell for a profit at the right time. We also purchased brand new appliances when we moved to the country and I regretted to this day that I did not search for good used ones. Anyway, I hope the readers can pounder on these things and be prudent on their finance. I highly recomment the book.

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