We have been deceived for so long about Fats!!

I had been delaying to share about fats since it’s quite a complicated topic.  However, when I noticed a friend of mine buying a big tub of margine last week, I said to myself I really have to get started!  How many times have we checked the label on the food package and look for “0g saturated fat”?  And how many times have we checked the label and look for “vegetable oil”?  We have been trained falsely! 

 In general, saturated fats are good for us.  Avoid vegetable oil like safflower, corn, sunflower, soybean, cottonseed and canola oil.  Eat good quality butter as much as you like.  Coconut oil is great.  Olive oil is good, just keep in mind that it’s more likely to buildup your body fat than butter.  Peanut oil and sesame oil should be used in small amount.  Flax seed oil is good for its high omega-3 content, but should also eat in small amount, and never heat it!  There will be more details later!

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