Bleeding – Viviana bumped her head!

Viviana bumped into the corner of our wooden piano bench this morning. A lot of blood burst out from her forehead and flew through her face to her clothes and pants. It looked horrible. I put a piece of bounty on her wound and applied pressure on it. After awhile, the blood stopped flowing as much. Then I sprinkled pinch of cayenne pepper on the wound to help stopping the bleeding (for serious case, may need to drink the cayenne pepper with warm water as well), and put a piece of fresh sliced open aloe vera on top, and applied pressure again.

This time, I applied pressure for at least 15 minutes, until most of the pain was gone. This pressure can prevent swelling as keeping the leaking fluid from pooling in the tissue space. If the injured area is too sensitive to be touched, we can actually do it without touching, just hold the hand 1-2 “ above the wound and do the light and rapid stroking. The magnetic fields from our body can help moving the leaked fluid and protein out of the injured tissues even without actual touching.

bleeding 1bleeding2After applying the pressure, I made a poultice of plantain leaf, comfrey leaf, yarrow and slippery elm, mixed with a bit water, aloe vera juice and olive oil. I secured it on her forehead with a bandage. These herbs are good for infections of any kind, and they are natural pain relievers. They also pull slivers, rocks, etc from wounds, and help heal wounds quickly. I will change a new poultice after a few hours. After another few hours, I will just apply my homemade salve on the wound. It is a salve with comfrey, plantain, chickweed, etc, which all contain contact healing properties and relieve pain.

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  1. I am the mother of 4 children (newborn to 7 yrs, 3 boys, 1 girl) also located in southern ontario. I homeschool as well and we just moved to the country on an almost 2 acre property next door to a horse farm. I just had a baby, but I’m hoping to start raising chickens next spring – any tips?
    I’m posting because I thought I was the only person in Ontario that uses herbs. Most people think I’m a little left field for using them. I’ve been reading about them from and the I read about that “stroking” you mentioned in a book called ABC herbal – did you find that really works? Not sure about it myself!
    I haven’t used any poultices yet, but have been drinking teas, making tinctures, and making capsules with herbs. My children also take herbs in honey that I mix up for them – except for my new baby ofcourse. For the first time I feel a level of control over their health instead of helplessly watching them get sick over and over and able to do nothing. I’m so thankful to the Lord.
    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you. I also have many KOF resources – they are a great ministry.
    Patricia Rider

  2. by the way – do you know of anywhere in Canada that sells the Financial freedom seminar DVD’s? That’s how I found your website, by looking up “Financial freedom, Sammons” in I’m trying to avoid high shipping costs. Thanks, Patricia Rider

  3. I’m thrilled to have received your responses! I mean, WOW, you are just like us! Since 4 or 5 years ago, we’ve been so blessed by the No Greater Joy ministry, Bulk Herb Store, More Than Alive(their shipping rate is even more attractive!), I just know Keepers of the Faith this year and I’m so thankful for it! Even Nourishing Traditions, I’m grateful that the Lord let me see the lies around us regarding food through this book….this world is so unbelievable!! And God is just so amazing that He leads us to these ministries at the right timing!

    And yes, the Financial Freedom Seminar and the men’s manual from IBLP are really excellent resources that open our eyes in many areas regarding how to build a christian home. You can contact IBLP Canada 905-951-0001 However, we actually buy the material from US as it is pretty much the same after the discount they offer at the US site. It really worth it anyway!

    I’m really thankful for your encouragements! Yea…aren’t our days full of challenges!? How’s your new born doing? And how’s your recovery? One beauty about herbs is we can have confident again, having faith in God that He already put what we need around us. No more rushing to the doctor with ALL the kids, and waiting in the long line-ups, and pouring drugs to those little mouths…

    About eating healthy, the pressure is really on us, mothers =P Just like your mom said, we have to accept our limitations and look upon God. I figure that changing/adding one habit at a time makes it easier for me. Like once I got used to soaking the oats the day before I cook, didn’t feel it as an extra thing to do anymore, then I can start another new thing to do like making buttermilk…etc. I just started making yogurt with probiotics last month, and it’s now part of my life and I don’t feel it as a burden anymore. Then I can go on to add in some more new things. Although how I wish I can start to do ALL good thing at the same time, that just not gonna happen anyway =P I believe if we just avoid white sugar, white flour and proccessed food as much as we can, and use butter, and arrowroot instead of cornstarch, etc, and eat some superfood like bee pollen from time to time, then we’ve done the good enough basics =D

    For raising chickens, is your husband with you? Will he back you up? For us, my husband takes care of the chickens. We got the chickens during my last month of my last pregnancy, so I never really take over the job yet…hehe Maybe I should some day…hehee He got some tips for you

    “About raising chickens for eggs, she would need a coop for winter. If for meat, no need for a coop because she would kill them before winter. And buying ready-to-lay pullet is almost the same cost as raising baby chicks. She would need a feeder and waterer. We use wood shavings for beddings but she can use straw if it is cheaper. Definitely build nest boxes. Overall, raising chicken is pretty easy when it is set up properly. If she needs more info, this book is good :

    Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens (ISBN: 158017325X)”

    Hey, have a good day and God bless!!


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