A Battle

It seems like I was dormant the last two months, didn’t have a single post here. And I wasn’t even functioning at home too! I have been fighting a battle!

What happened was, I figured that my skin problem that started in January this year is related to Candida yeast overgrowth. Therefore, I put myself on Candida diet (a cruel one) since the end of August. I was getting better. And I thought I was better that I could tolerate a bit of ‘forbidden food’ in the beginning of October, so I ate a bagel and a tea biscuit from Tim Horton while we were on the road, and I even ate a piece of apple pie. And there you go, me and my family have to suffer for almost two months since then!

My skin got so worse and itchy and it flared up on my face which is not even cleared yet as of today. What’s worse was I got so frustrated, discouraged and depressed, partly because of the toxins released by the Candida yeast. I didn’t feel like doing anything, I was not myself at all. I have to push myself so hard to get up from a chair or move away from the window to do what I was supposed to do, like preparing lunch for my 5 little girls. And I lost my patience. Of course, I felt guilty, useless and helpless. I could only cry out to the Lord, “Please heal me!” The Lord didn’t take away my illness in an instant although He could if He’s willing. He is working on my self-discipline. During this harsh time, my weaknesses were just being magnified. When I had eaten enough nuts that day, I told myself it’s enough and I should wait for tomorrow for more, but a second later you would find me eating a few more again. And when I kept asking the Lord why it had to be so hard? The Lord said to me, “Why don’t you rejoice in me always, even now?”

With God’s mercy, my physical started to feel better last week. I seized the chance to not being sluggish any more and started to do exercise with my children, even singing with them. Then I kept getting better. More energy is back. Feeling more positive although I still have to fight the itchiness from time to time. I should be able to talk more about this Candida Yeast Infestation soon.

Thank you for all your prayers. Prayer is the most needed thing in a time like this. And I have to tell you how gracious I am to have Derek as my husband. His gentleness, understanding and support surely played a big part in getting me through this.

On top of all these, my 6th pregnancy was just being confirmed. All of us rejoice and are looking forward to this baby. And one good thing of this timing is, my first trimester was combined with my Candida problem so I don’t need another 3 months to feel sick again. However, the down side is that the strict diet and the toxins in my body now may affect the fetus’s health. Please pray for us that the baby would be healthy.

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