How could you………Monsanto?

When Melody woke up beside me this morning, she gave me her sweetest smile ever. Her eczema face is usually better when she first wake up, and this morning was the best of all…..

Then I thought of Monsanto…what a ruin of mood…

How could a company want to harm the health of such a sweet little girl….and why would they want to destroy the future of these precious little children..……

I can only mourn….

And I can only mourn over the children, the families and the lives that they have already destroyed….and I can only pray for those who are still living in hell because of them….

And I can only be thankful that I know the Lord, and I have hope that God is going to restore everything one day, and victory is in Him! If not, what is the meaning of living on in this corrupted darkened world….

Finally, we understand why God has to judge this world by fire next time, as not even a tiny little grass seed is the same as when He created it, everything is ruined….just ruined….by human’s greed and ignorance…..

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