"Dandelion!!!  Dandelion!!!", the children shouted excitedly, jumping back and forth between me and the spot that they picked the flowers, busy showing me their treasures.  It was last Saturday when we went to Markham to have lunch with grandparents.  And these flowers were along the roadside where we parked our van. 

"Yes, dandelion!  Ok, children, we have to go, get in the van now.", I said. 

"But I want to get more!  Get more!!" 

"It's OK, we will have a lot in our backyard!!" 

Our children finally got in the van unwillingly….

Yesterday, the day was warm, and we spent some time outside.  And my children were busy like bees!

"Dandelion!!!  Dandelion!!!", they shouted.  Busy picking this and that….  The older ones were thinking of eating them, and the younger ones were thinking of putting them in a jar with water.         

It's really interesting when you compare their response with most of the adults, "OH, NO!!!!  More dandelions AGAIN!!!"

The children see, they see the beauty of these flowers, as their hearts are pure.  They admire the beauty of nature as it is, but not trying to conform the nature to their own way of thinking.  And I believe, God talks to the little children, and let them know that these little yellow flowers are treasures, gifts from God.

The first time I learned about the amazing properties and nutrients these dandelions have, I was bewildered.  I was in total disbelieve.  "Is that true?  Is this really talking about the little yellow flowers that we see everywhere?  Basically just EVERYWHERE?!?  And the very flowers that we had a hard time trying to get rid of??"  I think I was also having a hard time to believe that something that good can actually be reached so easily, and for free!!

That's the nature of God.  He loves us so much that He, indeed, gives us many treasures for free!  The sunshine, the rain, the air, the songs of birds, the dandelions…….most importantly, salvation.

Spring is here, and dandelions are already greeting us along with robins.  May I challenge you to google the benefits of dandelions, and be amazed by it every day this coming warm season!

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