Closing Garden for 2020

It is Thanksgiving weekend and daytime temperature starts to get below 10°C, especially early in the morning.  Light frost begins to hit, which usually signifies the end of growing season for most vegetables.

It is also the time to harvest whatever is left, clean up the debris, plant garlic and close the garden for next spring.

Overall, I have great success with tomato while disappointing result with cucumber and zucchini.  I also find out my family loves arugula  so I am sure I will continue to grow salad mix next year.

Harvesting sweet potatoes and cabbages.
Chinese daikon.   The odd shape denotes that I planted 2 seeds too close to each other.  They jointed at the top while the roots grow in separate ways.


Tasty Potatoes.
Collard can be grown until heavy frost in November.
I am growing broccoli and kale in the mini greenhouse.

I would expect the kale to survive the winter.

This is a new garlic planting tool that I “invented”.

To help speed up digging rows of holes, I cut 1″ dowel into 4″ long and sharpen the end.

I placed 6 of these dowels 4″ apart along a wooden stick with 1″ holes pre-drilled.

I thought I can simply push the tool into the ground, but in reality, the soil and wood chips are difficult to press in.  The solution is to use a rubber mallet to hammer the dowels into the soil.

Planting garlic using the new tool.

The tool is not ideal but it did save me some time than digging a hole one by one with a trowel.

I think I have planted about 400 garlic this year, not including other family members’.

Firewood time!  I purchased 3 bush cords and my youngest 5 children volunteered to stack them for me.

They showed great team spirit in stacking all of them in less than 2 hours.  I DID NOT have to do anything this year except paying for the delivery.

Way to go Chan family!


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