New Garden Projects 2020

I have always wanted to build a greenhouse to extend my growing seasons. I thought about buying the traditional glass greenhouse with sturdy frames. On the other hand, a high tunnel greenhouse with 1/2″ EMT conduits or PVC pipes seems more economical.

In the end, I decided to try it out on my square foot garden raised bed. I wanted the ability to open and move the greenhouse easily.
Well, if I have thought of something, chances are someone has already tried it. Taking the idea from the following video:

Here is what I got in the end.  As long as I built the base for another raised bed of the same size, this greenhouse can be easily attached via door hinges.

The base of the frame is about 50″ x 47″, built with 2 x 4s.
One hinge on each end so that it can be opened on a hot day.
I am growing heat loving plants here: sweet potatoes, cantaloupes and peppers.

I cannot wait to see if the plants will grow better under the greenhouse.

My old compost bin has completely rotten at the bottom and is falling apart.  It is time to build a better one.  Again I found a great idea from youtube:

In order to prevent the bottom from rotting, I decided to staple some 6-mil black plastic film to the inside of the bin.

Hmmm, the door is not level because the ground is not.  Oh well, as long as I can open the door.
This pile of dried plants and stems were from last year.  I did not do a good job turning and adding water and nothing has broken down.

I got to do a better job this time to turn these into black gold!

June is time for asparagus!


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