Coming Crash (Again) and New high in Gold

Now that I can work remotely until January next year (announcement from our CAO, yeah!) I have been busy doing renovation around the property.  In a lot of cities and townships in Ontario, councils have passed mandatory face-covering/mask wearing by-law whenever one enters a public indoors premise.

It is hilarious because back in March, I was one of the minority who wore N95 respirator in a grocery store.  Now that I have seen more data from COVID-19, I believe that masks are useless in preventing the spread and they are simply not necessary.  If one look at the case fatality rate according to worldometers, it is extremely low at around 0.28%!

Ultimately, it is YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM that would keep you healthy.  Not vaccine or any kind of drugs.  Organic food, sunshine, exercise, rest and most importantly, a joyful heart in the Lord.

Anyway, gold and silver prices have risen dramatically in the past 2 weeks.  Gold reached all time high and has now pulled back for another leg up.  Any long term follower of this website knows that I have a precious metal “bug” (advocate) since the beginning.

With trillions of dollars continued to be printed (digitally created) by all central banks in the world out of thin air, the public will flee to hard assets for wealth preservation.  It is still not too late to get your physical gold and silver coins and bars.

If you invest in stock market, GDX and SIL with their long dated options should pay a handsome return next year.  ( disclaimer: I am not a registered financial advisor and any investment suggestion given here is my personal opinion.  Please consult your banker, financial advisor or accountant for professional advice)

Anyway, the US stock market has decoupled from the real economy with the FAANGM (big tech:  Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflex, Google, Microsoft) stocks reaching all time high day after day.  When this bubble pops, the collapse will be spectacular.

How high can gold and silver goes?  I think gold reaching $2500 and silver back to $50 by year end is very probable.

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