Random Updates

I have done, with the help of my wonderful family, many small projects this year.  I am sharing them here as well as some harvest from the garden.

Hanging the garlic in my now empty wood shed.  Every year I would plan more since it is so easy to grow and takes up little space.

Here we have about 200 garlic heads.

Peppers did grow very well in My Greenhouse.  The plants double their sizes as compared to last year.
First time trying to grow leek.
Fragrant fresh basil!
I removed the old and rotten compost bin and rebuilt using pallets.  This time, as with newer raised beds, I lined the interior with black 6 mil plastic film.  I also reinforced the corners with steel brackets.

A hinged door was added to the front and I am hoping to get some “black gold” next year.

Looks like a new paver walkway?  Nah, we removed the old paver full of weeds between the cracks.  We then added new gravels, weed barrier and construction sand.

One by one we laid down the old paver stone and ran the compactor over multiple times.  It was a full day’s work and if it wasn’t for my family, I would never finish the task so quick.

First time trying to lay bricks and found out it takes a LOT of practice and skill.  My sons were helping me and they did a wonderful job in mixing and spreading mortar.
We rented the vibrator for the paver job.  Surprisingly it is very easy to use.

My sons were using it to compact my driveway.

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