Saturated Fats Are GOOD For Us!!

Don’t avoid them!  Do you know in artery clogs, only 26% is saturated fats, and the rest is all unsaturated fats(more than half is polysaturated)??

Saturated Fats are good for us in many ways:

  • at least 50 % of our cell membranes is saturated fatty acids
  • in order to let calcium to incorporated into our bones, saturated fats have to be more than half of all our dietary fats
  • they lower Lp(a), which links to heart disease
  • protect the liver from alcohol and other toxins
  • enhance our immune system
  • help utilize essential fatty acids
  • our hearts needs saturated fats in times of stress
  • protect us against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract

WOW!!  Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before good quality real butter, JUST EAT IT!

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