Last Saturday night, we found out Odelia and Sonia was having fever during dinner time. They lost their appetite and that’s a very strange thing to happen =) We checked their temperature and they were both around 38.5 celsius degrees. Anyway, I gave them each 2 drops of Sleep Sweet tincture. And I prepared the sleepy time tea with yarrow added. Then I gave Odelia and Sonia, and also Tiffany and Viviana each a cinnamon stick, and the tea with raw honey. After that, Odelia and Sonia went straight to bed as they didn’t have any energy at all. We put them in the same room that night.

Thanks God that the next morning they are up and running again! And they didn’t pass the fever to anyone else in the house too! How many times that I have to praise God for giving us herbs! God takes care of us by putting benificial herbs all around us in the yard. Actually, you can see them everywhere. And we don’t need to have Advil or Tempra at home for backup, and only to wait for them become expired. And most of the time we don’t need to rush to the doctor or drug store. I just need to prepare a tea, that’s all. And use my prepared tincture to help us sleep better during illness. Isn’t that great?! Besides, there’s no worries of side effects. In fact, using herbs will make our bodies stronger as they help stimulating our bodies to heal itself more effectively whereas drugs will weaken our immune system as they keep telling our bodies that healing itself is unnecessary, just kill all kinds of good and bad bacteria and surpress the symtons. The symtons are actually our bodies’ process of self-healing.

YARROW – It’s is great to keep yarrow at home. It’s said that if you drink generously at the beginning of a cold, it will break up within 24 hours. Drink with warm water or peppermint tea is good for fever. And it is good for all childhood diseases, kidneys and bladder problems, respiratory problems etc.

CINNAMON is a stimulating aromatic herb same as ginger, which helps to increase the energy of body tissues, improves digestion, clears blocked respiratory passages, fights infection…..etc.

Herbs in the tea and tinture that I used which are beneficial to fever :

PEPPERMINT is excellent for fevers, flu, colds, diarrhea, ulcers, and colitis. It strengthens nerves and heart muscles. It cleanses and tones the body. It can be used instead of aspirin for headaches. And it stimulates blood circulation.

CHAMOMILE is good for fevers, sore throats, aches, pains, intestinal and menstrual cramping. It helps to settle the stomach, aids digestion, expels gas from the bowel, reduces inflammation. It is also soothing and relaxing to nerves, helps sleep. It is probably one of the very best nervine herbs for children.

LEMON BALM – It is antibacterial, and antiviral. Lowers fevers, relaxes spasms, improves digestion, mildly sedative.

HOPS reduces high fevers and pain like headaches. It is a relaxing nerve tonic.

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