Cold/Flu and Cayenne Pepper

Last wednesday my dear hubby was ill. He got muscle pain all over his body, headache and feeling so tired. He put a garlic in his mouth and went to work. His situation didn’t worsen any more, but due to lack of rest (as he went to work), he lost all his energy. He slept in the car during lunch hour and slept half an hour right after he was home. But his head still felt so “stuffed”. After dinner, I fixed him a ginger cinnamon drink that I metioned before, and sprinkle some cayenne pepper on top to surprise him (and to heal him of course =) ). He was surprised indeed! As it definitly was a VERY SPICY drink! But it’s good for him. His head felt a lot better afterwards. He drank a cup more of that spicy drink that night before going to bed. And he was nearly all well again the next morning!

I always thought spicy things are not good for us and avoid eating them. I was totally wrong! It’s hard to believe that the cayenne pepper that you use to cook chickens can do a lot of wonderful things! Just to name a few, it can help boosting the immune system, relieve painful muscles, improve stiffened joints, enchance circulation, good for sore throat, heart attact, bleeding, depression, tireness, normalize blood pressure…..etc etc! If you are bleeding heavily, sprinkle some on top of the wound to stop the bleeding! And you can even brush your teeth with cayenne pepper to prevent gum diseases!

Why don’t you buy some today? =)

I don’t normally give cayenne pepper to my young children though, as I think it will be too strong for them. Besides, as their body has less exposure to processed food and drugs than us adults, their body are not that “ruined” yet and can already react very well with milder herbs like cinnamon or ginger.

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