Review of 2018

As 2018 draws to its end, I take this opportunity during the holiday break to review my personal life and what had happened globally.  I like to share these with the readers of this blog.

Personal achievements:

  1.   Started and completed Level 1 of Military Fit.  Currently finishing the program 2nd time.  I found this program very helpful in keeping me healthy and fit.  As you know, I like to be prepared for unforeseen disasters and being psychically fit is crucial in surviving most situations.
  2.   During summer I was able to run 1 mile (1.6km) around 6:30.  The fastest record was 6:23 which I was never able to achieve again this year.  My next challenge is to keep the same running speed but with a weighted vest.
  3.   Together with  my children, we built a new chicken tractor, built a new firewood shed and raised our first steer. These are unforgettable experiences.  Hard work but satisfying.
  4.   My 2 oldest daughters (17 and 16) have completed their 1st year of online college courses with Lumerit.  It was a great relief to know that we can save a substantial amount of tuition fees pursuing undergraduate degree while staying home.  New  issues of cyber addiction, time scheduling and “teenage rebellion” amalgamate into new parental challenges for Kay and I.  I thank God that we have the Word of God to help us in these situation but boy, we would have to go through these scenarios 8 times!
  5.   Visited Ottawa, capital of Canada for 2 days.  We went to the Parliament,  Supreme Court, Aviation Museum, Nature’s Museum and Royal Canadian Mint.  What made it special was the entire itinerary was organized by my 2 oldest daughters.

Checking my post “A reflection of year 2017” a year ago, none of the listed issues have subsided except North Korea.  In addition we have new crisis of the trade war between China and USA, increasing sanctions against Russia and Iraq, gilets jaunes protest in France and finally the beginning of the burst of “everything bubble”.

The world is awash in debt.  From the mouth of MSM : The World Will Pay for Not Dealing With Debt:

Since 2007, global debt has increased from $167 trillion ($113 trillion excluding financial institutions) to $247 trillion ($187 trillion excluding financial institutions). Total debt levels are 320 percent of global GDP, an increase of around 40 percent over the last decade.

Now interest rate is slowly rising, interest payment will put tremendous financial pressure on household, private and public sectors.  The coming financial collapse is engineered of course and this post by Mr. Smith explains it very well: The Psychological Warfare Behind Economic Collapse .

If you have not scaled back your investment exposure to real estate and equities, you should cut loss and do so.  I was 2 years ahead of expecting the collapse but it looks to me 2019 is the year when things are going to get really ugly.

Happy New Year and continue to trust in Jesus Christ!



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