Second Firewood Shed

Upon the successful of last year’s Building Firewood Shed, I decided to build another firewood shed, smaller in size this time.  With both sheds, we would be able to store 3 1/2 bush cords of firewood.  Again, everybody helps out in building the shed and stacking the firewood.

The shed size is about 4’W x 8’L x 6.5’H.  Again, I used crush gravels and concrete slab as foundation.  I connected 2 pallets and laid them on top of the concrete slabs.

For the rest of the frame  I use 2 x 4 studs.  I did not bother to paint the studs this time.

I found some old steel and pvc roof panels lying around and I am drilling them to the sheathing with 1.5″ screws.
Stacking firewood.  We ordered 3 bush cords this year.
Final scene with both sheds full of firewood.  All done in 3 days!  Thank you Chan children.

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