Tiffany’s piano career

Our oldest 16-year-old daughter Tiffany has a passion for music.  She is currently learning piano and violin.  She won the Best of Grade 9 Trophy at the Yip’s Music Festival 2017.  Also, she was qualified as a finalist for the 2017 Hamilton Provincial.  Although she did not get commendation in the Provincial, it was a wonderful experience and our whole family is happy for her.

Some people might be surprised that at 16 years old she is still at Grade 9 piano (some early starters already achieve ARCT before age of 15).  Because of Kay and Melody’s eczema 6 years ago, Kay was not able to teach piano until Tiffany turned 10.  So Tiffany, through her passion and hard work, is able to achieve Grade 9 in 6 years.

By all standards, Tiffany is not a musical prodigy but considering the fact that Kay is not a music teacher nor holds any music degree; in addition to the fact that Tiffany has never sit under a “proper” piano teacher, I would consider this a great achievement.

Viviana, our 11 year old is also a great piano and violin player who is going for Grade 8 piano exam this month.  Their dream?  A grand piano to practice on.


Tiffany’s Grade 9 Piano Practical Exam completed in June : First Class Honor with Distinction.

Viviana’s Grade 8 Piano Practical Exam completed in June : First Class Honor.

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